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An intensive professional development training course on

The Dimensions of
Managerial Leadership

Evaluating the Praxis that Creates Excellence

The Structure

This comprehensive training course consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10-Day Training event, or as individual, 5-Day training courses.

Module 1 - The Management Essentials

Module 2 - The Three-Dimensions of Leadership

The Course Content

Module 1: The Management Essentials

Day One: Foundations and Fundamentals: Direct, Delegate, Develop, Deliver

  • Making the transition into management: new skills, fears and expectations
  • Current research trends and thinking
  • The global working environment: changing perceptions and new demands
  • What Managers Do? Responsibilities, Accountabilities
  • The Boss I want to become? competencies and behaviours
  • Common mistakes that managers make and how to avoid them
  • Psychometric review of personal management strengths


Day Two: Performance Management: Managing Self and Others

  • Personality and impact on management style
  • Managing my communications network to its full potential
  • The drive for continuous improvement and how to respond
  • Clarifying Organisational and Team purpose
  • Management by objectives: beyond the SMART objectives
  • The Dreaded Appraisal: Conducting successful performance reviews
  • Management behaviour and outcomes


Day Three: Managing the Dynamic Team: A Focus on Outcomes

  • Creating the Highly Effective Teams
  • Stages in team development and the manager’s role
  • Generational issues, diversity, challenge and harnessing potential 
  • Team audit: exercise to evaluate current team performance
  • The wisdom of many beats the knowledge of one: Problem solving in teams
  • Team momentum and the management of change


Day Four: Motivational Mindsets: Performance = Motivation + Competence

  • Motivational Engagement: Scope, Support, Connection, Voice
  • Communication that builds Trust: Connect, Convince Convey:
  • Constructive feedback and handling difficult conversations
  • Coaching for personal and team success
  • Review of practice: How well do I motivate my people?
  • Ten things the great boss does every day!


Day Five: Managing Priorities: Focus, Influence and Deliverables

  • Personal management skills: SWOT analysis
  • What are my key deliverables?
  • The Golden Rule of Management: achieving goals through the effort of others:
  • How well do I delegate? Reflection and intent.
  • Communicating with impact to inform and influence: easy as ABC
  • Action planning for future improvement


Module 2: The Three-Dimensions of Leadership

Day Six: The Three-Dimensions of Leadership                                                                          

  • Background - The Three-Dimensions of Leadership
  • Mission Matters Most, Rallying Resources & Converting within the Context
  • Understanding the Three-Dimensions of Leadership
  • Dimensional Leadership Characteristics
  • Synthesizing mission, vision and values into strategic initiative
  • Vision Guides, the Good Processes that Lead to Good Outcomes                    


Day Seven: Rallying People to Provide their Potential                             

  • WISE Leadership (What Is Someone Expecting from the Leader)
  • Crafting A Triple-C Culture of Communication, Cooperation and Coordination
  • Getting Synergy from Your Team’s Diversity
  • The Quality of Leadership Determines the Quality of Followership
  • Triple-T Delegation Dynamics
  • 4 Types of Employees & The “Vamployee Diaries” (2 Assessment Models)


Day Eight: Developing a 3-D MRC Focused Leadership Development Culture

  • Six Leadership Styles, Theories & 3-D Assessments
  • Selecting the Right Style for the Situation
  • The Mechanics of Leadership Roles: Coaching, Mentoring & Supervising
  • Coaching & Supervising To Achieve The 80/20 Postulate
  • The Evaluation, Mediation and Disciplinary Processes
  • Supervising for Succession to succeed with high Right Quadrant People


Day Nine: Leading Change by Getting The Most Mission Focus From Working Relationships

  • Converting within the Context of Core Operational Success Dynamics
  • The 3-M’s of Change Management
  • The Negotiating Nexus
  • People, Politics & Process
  • Building Three-Legged Stools of Understanding
  • Inciting Innovation through the 5 Factors of Out-of-the-Box Thinking


Day Ten: Developing & Self-Assessing your 3-D Leadership Profile  

  • Executive Essentials
  • Developing A Pattern-Seeing, Problem-Solving Culture
  • Analyzing The Context for Your Organization’s Balanced Scorecard
  • CPR – The Confidence to Pursue Reality to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Finale: The Ultimate Take-A-Ways & Challenge

  • Developing and Assessing Your Three-Dimensional Leadership Profile
  • The Ultimate Leadership Competency: The Three-Dimensional SEM Master!

The Certificates


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