Get the most of your Training Budget

It’s important to ensure that your Training and Development budget is spent wisely.

That’s why we are trusted by 100’s of organisations to provide their development solutions.

We provide cost efficient and effective development solutions regardless of your budget size. We will work with you to ensure the your ROI (Return on Investment) is justified through the use of innovative and creative development solutions.

Our In-House / Bespoke Training Courses are customised and developed with your organisational objectives as its core guideline to complement the unique training requisites of your organization. It is a comprehensive learning solution that can be delivered at your location or online right through your convenience , at your preferred time.

AZTech In-House Training Courses are the most cost-effective and efficient way to train your team.

Our success in delivering In-House Training Courses is attributed to our ability to work closely with organisations. We excel in understanding your goals and specific requirement then we plan and formulate a training solution that meets the objectives.

In-House Training Courses can be built around our standard courses or be completely bespoke to suit your specific learning objectives. Our team of experienced Consultants can develop entirely new training courses that will meet your training needs.


With over 20 years’ of training and development experience, a suite of over 500 open courses, with the ability to utilise over 200 world-class Trainers, Facilitators and Specialist Consultants – why wouldn’t you want to use us?

We have an enviable reputation, being the trusted partner for training provision in hundreds of organisations, both large and small, giving you the confidence to produce exceptional results for you, your team and your organisation.

In-house, bespoke courses bring with them many benefits, including:

Cost effective savings
Cost effective savings
Reduced Travel, Accommodation, and Location Expenses
100% Customised
100% Customised
Tailored to Fit your Learning Objectives
Team Building
Team Building
Captures the Synergistic Effect as One United Team
We Work Around your Schedule

Our highly experienced and professional Consultants will work with you to understand your exact needs, working with you from beginning to end – and beyond – to ensure that your learning objectives are met, and provide a superb learning experience. Our company mantra is: ‘Excellent Service – Excellent Delivery’, this is instilled in all who work for us, what ever level or position – ensuring we deliver on our promise, and satisfy your needs.

For more details on how we can help you create the best development option for your organisation and people, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of highly professional consultants are ready to provide you with expert advice and support.

Types of AZTech


We cover a whole spectrum of development options,
falling under three main categories.
Existing Standard Course

Deliver one of our leading, World-Class ‘open courses’ exclusively to your organisation and staff

Customised Existing Standard Course

Tailor an existing course outline to include, for example, your standards, procedures, etc.

Tailor-made/Bespoke Training Course

Develop a special course – satisfying your exact need and requirements throughout

Whatever your need, please discuss this with our team of highly trained experts,
where we are sure we have a solution for you.



Our In-House training Consultants are some of the world’s leading industry professionals, having worked successfully in their field of expertise for years. Chosen not just for their professional and academic backgrounds, but also for their ability to inspire, create and deliver innovate and highly interactive programmes. This ensures that you and your organisation, receives the most up-to-date, cutting-edge and highly engaging development experience.

Our enviable global network of world-class Consultants allows us to match the skills and experience with the required learning outcome, giving you the optimum development solution. Whatever skills you want to develop, whatever the size of your organization, we can work with you to find a solution that fits your exact needs and your budget.

Numerous organisations have trusted us with their teams’ In House Training, building long-lasting, sustainable relationships. Let’s work with you – to build your trust as well.

AZTech In-House Training

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