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Anderson Training specializes in the delivery of training courses, seminars, and workshops that are tailored to the development needs of your workforce and workforce management team. Their training solutions are client centred, and their over all business knowledge and the experience of their qualified instructors can improve the productivity, efficiency, communication skills, as well as employee performance of your organisation. Our training partnership with Anderson-HR ensures that we are able to deliver training programs that meets certain standards to guarantee our clients will receive the highest quality in people development solutions.

COPEX Training is a professional training and development services company providing training courses and seminars, in-house training and consultancy services. With their team of experienced professionals in the field of Project Management, Contracts Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, we are able to benchmark training programs in our portfolio to ensure that it brings world-class performance to your organisation.


LEADWomen is a strategic development unit within the Anderson Training Group. It’s vision is to enable women in the workplace to gain opportunities, grow their careers and achieve senior positions by providing transformational training and development. We are also able to offer an educational and self-development network run by women for women.

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