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The Complete Course on Management

22-26 Apr 2024
London - UK
05-09 Aug 2024
Geneva - Switzerland
02-06 Sep 2024
Barcelona - Spain
21-25 Oct 2024
Krakow - Poland
25-29 Nov 2024
Amsterdam - The Netherlands
10-14 Feb 2025
Houston - USA
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Why Choose this Training Course?

This CPD Certified Manager training course presents an in-depth appreciation of the principles of effective management and the practices that generate employee engagement, empowerment and team productivity. Through the process of self-study, education and personal reflection, this learning intervention will enable delegates to widen their understanding of what it is to manage whilst acquiring practical tools and strategies that offer immediate impact to the performance of their role and the performance of their team. Paramount to the learning outcomes, it provides progressive insights into becoming the “managerial leader”; a professional response to the ever-increasing demands now being placed on managers working in the “new post pandemic reality”

Competent management is the foundation of all successful organisations. In recognising that the fundamentals of practice are well established, the working environment is ever changing and it is essential that charged with leading examine their practice and seek new ideas to employ with their people.  The interactive style of this training course will inform, expand and rejuvenate delegate’s thinking on management issues. Focused activities accompany all theoretical content.; content is underpinned by sound psychological principles, whilst psychometric assessment offers reflective analysis that informs self-knowledge, guidance on managing team relationships and tools that motivate and challenge performance issues.  Participants will be engaged by the content and learn to be the ‘Communicating Manager’ who aligns their people; the “Solution Focused” manager who promotes collaborative practice, and the ‘People Developer’ who inspires their people to peak performance.

This AZTech CPD Certified Manager training course will feature:

  • An evaluation of personal management style and its impact on performance
  • Techniques to effectively manage and resolve conflict in the team/organisation
  • Creating a “can-do” problem solving ethos within a team climate of continuous improvement
  • Pragmatic and psychometric tools to effectively build excellence in self and others
  • How to recognise, appreciate, value and harness the power of diversity in the team

What are the Goals?

By the end of this CPD Certified Manager training course, participants will be able to:

  • Celebrate their strengths whilst targeting improvement in personal and team practice
  • Employ a wide range of interpersonal skills to build relationships and promote engagement
  • Utilise constructive feedback and coaching techniques that motivate future performance
  • Evaluate team performance and diagnose strategies for continuous sustained improvement
  • Select and apply innovative ideas for empowering collaborative practice

Who is this Training Course for?

This CPD Certified Manager training course will be of significant benefit to all professionals who are interested in further enhancing their management skills. It is highly useful for personnel in all functional areas of an organisation and in all types of organisations whether government, private, military or health care and will greatly benefit:

  • Employees about to undertake a line management role
  • Technical professionals tasked with supervision of others
  • Current managers who seek to rejuvenate and energise their existing knowledge to inform their practice
  • Managers with career aspirations to take a future leadership role
  • HR/OD Practitioners who support / coach Managers to improve their practice

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This AZTech CPD Certified Manager training course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. Learning materials are carefully selected and designed to address all styles of learning and to engage participants fully. Lectures and discussions are either preceded or followed by powerful individual or group exercises. These exercises provide opportunities for personal participation in real situations and opportunity to analyse current organisational / team issues. This process makes training fun filled, fast-paced, challenging and empowering. This interactive training course uses the cutting-edge skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence to challenge and revitalise thinking on management issues. All activities are focused to make an immediate impact and improvement in management practice.

The Course Content

Day One: Management in an Age of Uncertainty
  • The Challenge of Management in the New Normal
  • The management role: from macro to micro
  • Adaptive Management for situational change.
  • “Managerial Leadership”; embracing wider responsibilities
  • Changing paradigms and perceptions of managerial performance
  • Achieving results through others: empowering delegation
Day Two: Managing Workplace Conflict for Productive Outcomes
  • Relationship Awareness Theory; exploring motivational values
  • Organisational disagreement and conflict: positive outcomes
  • Analysing my response to conflict: Thomas Kilmann
  • Appreciating and managing individual differences
  • Creative benefits of productive disagreement
  • Reciprocity: managing without confrontation
Day Three: Managing for Continuous Improvement
  • The Age of “digital transformation” and Business Model Regeneration
  • A focus on Kaizen: philosophy to practice
  • Organisational development and diagnostic tools that raise performance
  • Organisational culture, dynamic tension and change management issues
  • Leading change initiatives” “solution focused change”
  • The Paradox of the change process and the managers response
Day Four: Managerial Leadership for High Performing Teams
  • Managing virtual and High Performing Teams
  • Dysfunctional teams: raising performance through trust
  • How well does my team perform? Assessment, reflection and action
  • Understanding the team’s contribution to the organisation’s profit
  • Creating alignment and functional commitment: empowering the team
  • Communication and coaching to motivate and restore focus
Day Five: Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Thinking slow and thinking fast
  • Managing creativity and innovation
  • Harnessing the collective wisdom of the team
  • Breaking self-imposed mental blocks that limit expansive thinking
  • Managing crisis: resilience, prioritisation, delegation and empowerment
  • Review of key learning: Action planning for sustained improvement

The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the training course
  • CPD Certificate will be awarded to delegates who successfully completed the training course compliant with the global standards and principles advocated by The CPD Certification Service

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