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An intensive professional development training course on

Warehouse and Yard Operations

The Course

Warehouses and yard operations are often under-rated operations in organisations, yet they are essential in providing customer service.

The purpose of this seminar is to show how to implement all of the essential tools for the effective management of warehousing and stores.

This seminar therefore:

  • Shows how to evaluate procedures
  • Shows how to change and improve methods by eliminating wasteful activities and excess costs
  • Provides the practical skills to take back to the workplace
  • Shows how to avoid those internal problems that limit performance
  • Allows delegates to obtain added value for money
  • Shows how to improve customer service


The Goals

By the end of this seminar delegates will be able to:

  • Evaluate procedures
  • Change and improve methods
  • Identify and eliminate wasteful activities/costs
  • Identify and avoid all those internal problems that limit performance
  • Recognise and obtain added value for money
  • Identify and improve customer service 


The Delegates

Those who will benefit by attending the course include:

  • Those new to managing warehouses or stores
  • Those non warehouse people who need to gain an awareness of the issues and key drivers of stock control operations
  • Stock, Warehouse and Distribution Professionals 


The Process

Training will involve discussion, videos and lectures leveraging years of hands-on supply chain and warehousing experience across industries. The trainer will use real-world challenges and solutions, exercises and case studies and an extensive course manual.


The Benefits 

The delegates will gain from the course by learning:

  • How to analyse warehouse operations
  • How to identify and make productivity improvements
  • How to recognise and select and maintain equipment
  • Demonstrate how to conduct safe operations
  • How to identify means to reduce costs and improve service levels 


The Results 

The organization will gain by sending their employees on this course by them being able to:

  • Examine the link of stock in the company operations and activities
  • Analyse the key areas of warehouse operation
  • Identify and understand key performance indicator
  • Apply and succeed in improving the operation
  • Apply the right cost and service balance
  • Practice and gain a competitive advantage


The Course Content

Day One

The Role of the Warehouse

  • Why we need a warehouse
  • What functions they cover
  • How do they fit into the supply chain
  • The balance between sorting and storing

Product Classification

  • Supply /demand variables
  • ABC Analysis or the 80/20 rule
  • Determining product handling groups
  • Throughputs and product formats 


Day  Two

Layout Options

  • Receiving options
  • Storage options
  • Picking/assembly options
  • Dispatching options
  • Using the floor and the height space
  • Organising for flow

Methods and Equipment - lifting, storing and moving equipment available for specific layout options, including:

  • Warehouse structures
  • Loading bays
  • Selecting fork lift trucks
  • Selecting racking
  • Implications for warehouse layouts
  • Operational timings and planning


 Day Three

Health and Safety

  • Duty of care
  • Inspections and risk assessments-task analysis
  • Equipment maintenance and care
  • Raising people's awareness

Security and Loss

  • Minimizing internal theft
  • Minimizing external theft
  • Preventative measures will be briefly discussed


Day Four

Productivity and Costs

  • Fixed and variable cost
  • Typical costs involved
  • A model for understanding the roles of productivity, utilisation, and performance
  • Setting productivity and cost targets
  • The importance of having measurements and key indications of performance

Service Levels

As Warehouses are a link in the total process of satisfying customers, this session will therefore look at:

  • Internal and external customers
  • The three key customer service measure
  • Customer service sampling
  • Effects of substandard service
  • Minimising errors


Day Five 

Warehouse Layout

  • Different types of layout with advantages and disadvantages
  • Planning for flow in the warehouse
  • Checklists to help on deciding the best option



Finally, in linking together all the sessions, we put forward simple overviews and a clear summary of what we have learnt to improve our own operations.


The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the course


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