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An intensive professional development training course on

Mergers, Acquisitions,
and Change

Mergers and Acquisition Roadmap to Successful Integration

Why Choose This Training Course?

This entirely new, exciting, interactive and immersive training course is about much more than Mergers and Acquisitions (M and A) and will give you the skills, strategies, tools, insights and methodologies to effect Mergers and Acquisitions successfully despite the high global failure rate of 80% that has consistently prevailed over the past 25 years. This is only half the story because the change and integration processes that are necessary for successful amalgamation of the 2 or more entities into a cohesive whole fail 85% of the time according to Price Waterhouse Coopers. This AZTech training course shows you which change management methodologies to use, how to deploy and use them to mitigate risks, extract value from synergies quickly with minimal disruption, create competitive edge, create new brands, protect your reputation and outsource, automate, sell off, carve out or eliminate those elements of the business which no longer suit your purpose or which have greater monetary value as standalone entities. The training course’s approach to valuation is not accountancy or legally driven, critical as those elements are, but instead is focussed on discovering those additional factors which represent determinants of value which are nearly always missed but represent the means to arrive at true value.

This training course contains methods which dramatically increase the odds for success including methods for dealing with adverse media coverage, dealing with resistance from disruptive employees, maintaining performance, productivity and efficiency during the “dip”, grooming the merged company or yours to become more attractive to corporate suitors and future proofing the newly created business against shocks, the actions of competitors, emulators by creating greater resilience, faster operational tempo and “windows of invulnerability”.

This training course will feature:

  • How to decide whether to merge or acquire or continue to use organic growth methods
  • Selecting the right targets for the right reasons
  • Finding the value through knowledge of ALL relevant factors not just finances and legal considerations
  • How to effect integration and change effectively using the right change models, future proofing and communications whilst using standards to protect embedded value, leverage scale economies, improve processes, reduce cycle times, increase performance, drive efficiencies and ensure that only the best people are retained to drive the newly created company forward
  • Protecting intellectual property, trademarks, brand values, dealing with employment law, regulation and the roles/utility of directors and senior managers, sites and structures

What are the Goals?

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand why they should merge or acquire
  • Determine how to target companies correctly
  • Identify potential “deal breakers”, risks and issues
  • Reduce risks of Mergers and Acquisition failure
  • Plan / Optimise the integration process successfully

Who is this Training Course for?

Course participants can be directors, fast track managers, business owners, lawyers and lower level employees from finance and various disciplines. They can be drawn from any industry and be inexperienced neophytes new to Mergers and Acquisition or be seasoned practitioners.

This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Accountants, Finance people, project and programme managers, Agile Scrum Masters, Management Consultants from 2nd tier and lower consultancies, interim managers of sufficient stature and wherewithal who are involved in Mergers and Acquisition work or contemplate such work in the future
  • Lawyers who are involved in Mergers and Acquisition transactions or wish to learn more about the process more generally
  • Fast track managers and lower level employees identified as having promise / growth potential as potential deal team members, corporate strategists, more senior roles within the business or simply wishing to advance / improve their capabilities
  • Directors and senior managers involved in or about to become involved in mergers and acquisitions on home territory, cross border transactions and international expansion

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This training course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.

This includes:

  • Coloured diagrams and charts incorporating bullet points / detailed explanations to accommodate visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles
  • Exercises using flipcharts, whereby course participants will interact with each other and the course facilitator / trainer to understand the use of different tools to effect precise targeting. American narrated films of different valuation methods based on actual case studies
  • Checklists and repetition plus NLP style hypnotic language patterns to reinforce learning
  • International case study examples

The Course Content

Day One: Rationale for Mergers and Acquisition / Targeting and Action Steps

  • Why Merge or Acquire at all?
  • Present State versus Future State
  • Target Operating Modelling / Roadmaps to Mergers and Acquisition
  • Corporate Grooming to Attract Corporate Suitors
  • Exploration of the Deal flow Model
  • Different Versions of the Mergers and Acquisition Process


Day Two: Valuation Strategy Linking Pre – Deal and Post Deal Strategy

  • How much should we Pay?
  • Exploring the Valuation Process “Lite Touch”
  • Pitfalls versus Getting it Right
  • Competitor Analysis / Key to Optimum Pricing
  • Narrated Case Studies on Valuation Methods
  • Elements of the Negotiation Process


Day Three: Search and Target / Strategic Considerations

  • Due Diligence Negotiations and Deal Structure
  • The 100 / 120 Day Planning Cycle
  • Integration, Flexibility, Scenarios A, B and C
  • Establishing Strategic Reasons for Mergers and Acquisition
  • Costs, Benefits, Assumptions, Sensitivities, Business Case
  • How Mergers and Acquisitions are Viewed


Day Four: Integration and Change Approaches Incorporating Resistance Management

  • How Will the Entities Be Amalgamated?
  • Value Generated from Amalgamation?
  • Costs of Amalgamation Including Opportunity Costs
  • People, Processes, Management and IT Issues
  • Identifying Where Uncertainty and Risk Lies
  • How Long Will the Process Take?


Day Five: Communications, Brand Management, Future Proofing, Expectations Management, Dealing with the Parts of the Business which no Longer Fit

  • Managing Expectations of Staff and Key Stakeholders
  • Developing Communications Strategy Methodologies Externally
  • Creating and Protecting the New Brand
  • Eliminating Non -Core Functions and Departments
  • Right Sizing, Outsourcing, Eliminating and Automating
  • Future Proofing for Maximum Strategic Flexibility

The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificates of Completion for delegates who attend and complete a training course

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