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Understanding Human Performance

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Why Choose this Training Course?

Professional Recognition and Accreditation

  • This is an HR Certification Institute (HRCI) Pre-Approved Programme*


The Course

The key to understanding and managing people effectively is to know something about what makes people act and behave in the ways they do. What are the drivers that determine individual behaviour, action and motivation? This programme looks at the underlying assumptions we make about human behaviour and psychology and explains them. In particular the workshop will apply this knowledge to understanding how to make management and leadership more effective and efficient.

But people are not machines, they can be seriously affected by personal and work-related problems and concerns. People problems can include work related stress, marriage problems, lack of motivation, work stress, long hours of work, turnover, under-staffing, nationalisation, bullying and job insecurity all impact on employee’s health and performance. The cost to the employer can be enormous. No matter what industry you work in, stress at work can be a very real and overwhelming experience.

The amount of employees suffering from stress and stress-related illnesses is rapidly rising. More than half (53%) of people in work have suffered stress in the past 12 months, while one in four people had taken time off sick through stress in the previous year, according to the latest research by the International Stress Management Association.


The Structure

This comprehensive programme consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10 Day Training event, or as individual, 5 Day courses.

Module 1 - Managing Employee Performance, Behaviour & Attitudes

Module 2 - Managing People at Work


The Goals

As a result of attending this workshop delegates will have developed:

  • A clearer understanding of human behaviour
  • A clear appreciation of how attitude affects behaviour and motivation
  • Be clearer on how to manage employee performance by:
    • Having practiced performance appraisal interviewing
    • Having worked though discipline and grievance case studies and examples
  • To understand people problems at work
  • To identify and develop critical skills needed for stress management
  • To develop effective workplace interventions
  • To understand how to motivate & counsel others
  • To apply best practice in the management of employee problems


The Delegates

  • Human Resource or Personnel staff at any Level
  • Risk management specialists
  • Managers involved in staff welfare
  • Staff nurses and occupational health nurses/personnel
  • Occupational Health and Medical staff
  • Those with an interest in the specific areas of staff welfare
  • Media and PR staff
  • Managers who are new to managing people and are looking for an insight into human behaviour
  • HR specialists who are advising on people issues may benefit form discussing some of the underlying assumptions about human behaviour and learning some new skills in applying assertive behaviour
  • Individuals who are curious about behaviour and attitudes and want to direct them to improved employee performance


The Process

This Course will be presented in a highly interactive presentation style. Individual and group activities, will intersperse the sessions. DVD presentations will highlight the major teaching features. A variety of Practical Sessions and Role Plays, and group inter-action are programmed into this Course. These sessions are most informative, inspiring, fun, and presented in a relaxing atmosphere, that is conducive to learning.


The Benefits

  • Be more effective as a manager or supervisor
  • Get the best out of your people
  • Have developed a clearer picture of their own attitudes and behaviour, and therefore also, of the motivation, attitudes and behaviour of other people
  • Improve your skills in practical performance management - such as appraisal, discipline and grievance.
  • Develop practical skills in people management
  • Develop practical skills in trauma and crisis management
  • Learn how stress affects individuals mental health at work
  • Actively identify and reduce stress in self and others
  • Learn the skills and knowledge necessary to motivate others


The Course Content

Module 1: Managing Employee Performance, Behaviour & Attitudes
Day One: Understanding the Individual
  • Understanding human psychology
  • Understanding yourself
  • The Johari window
  • How are attitudes formed?
  • Your personality style explored
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Day Two: Performance Improvement Planning (PIP)
  • Introduction to PIP
  • Understanding performance decline
  • Factors affecting work performance
  • Work performance interviewing
  • Communication skills for performance improvement
  • Managing good performance – behavioural reinforcement theory
Day Three: Driving Performance through Talent Management
  • Talent management – explored
  • Employee Resourcing in Context
  • Introducing basics of manpower planning
  • Flexibility and introducing the ‘flexible firm’
  • Differentiating succession management & talent management
  • Nationalisation & Talent Management
Day Four: How to make a Performance Appraisal System Work
  • The principles of effective performance appraisal
  • Why performance appraisal matters
  • Performance management in a multi-cultural setting
  • Common reasons for failure and mistakes made
  • How to deal with common mistakes and minimise failure
  • How to structure an appraisal meeting - a step-by-step outline
Day Five: Understanding Others
  • Behaviour styles – passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive & assertive
  • Giving feedback with Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Providing appropriate career-path planning - supporting development
  • The psychology of the group
  • An introduction to group dynamics
  • Personal Action Planning
Module 2: Managing People at Work
Day Six: People Problems at Work
  • Introduction to everyday Human Psychology
  • Understanding the range and causes of people problems
  • Impact on work and the cost to organisations
  • Interventions and ways of helping people
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
  • Steps to establish an EAP
Day Seven: Understanding Stress
  • What is stress? - Recognising the physical & behavioural signs, stress in the mind & body
  • What contributes to workplace pressures?
  • The impact of stress on personal performance - the positive and negative effects of stress
  • The symptoms of short term and long term stress
  • Stress management techniques
  • Individual Testing: The major causes of stress at work and at home
Day Eight: Counseling and Coaching Skills
  • What is communication?
  • Techniques for interviewing/basic counselling
  • Developing active listening skills
  • Understanding body language
  • SOLER Techniques for counseling
  • Motivational Coaching Techniques
Day Nine: Understanding Motivation
  • The Psychology of Motivation
  • Motivation at work
  • Team & Group Motivation
  • Reward & Motivation
  • Case study: Absenteeism
Day Ten: Critical Incident Stress (CISD) and Trauma Counseling
  • What constitutes a traumatic event
  • A Model for Workplace Trauma Management
  • Traumatic stress and Post traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Media Management, Preventive Training and Information
  • Debriefing & Grief Counseling
  • Policy, Plans and Procedures

The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the course
  • The HRCI Approved Provider Seal and the corresponding Recertification Credit Hours Awarded will be reflected in the Certificate of Completion


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