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An online intensive professional development training course on

The Challenges of
21st Century Leadership

Why Choose this Online Training Course?

The Challenges of 21st Century Leadership online training course has been designed for people who understand that to be a leader we must challenge ourselves at every opportunity. This training course will be an out of the comfort zone experience and is aimed to challenge you to be the very best leader you can be, working on your ability to inspire, enable and encourage. You will be coached and given feedback at every opportunity.

This online training course will challenge many of your assumptions about leadership, and will use advanced level coaching techniques to challenge you to be the best leader that you can be.

This AZTech online training course will feature:

  • Identification of your individual leadership style
  • Understanding of what it takes to lead others
  • Designing of coaching and engagement strategies
  • Demonstrations of techniques to manage teams and individuals
  • Apply tools to deal with under performers

What are the Goals?

By the end of this AZTech online training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what it takes to move  to a higher level of management/leadership
  • Apply Communication in a way to inspire others
  • Understand coaching and empowerment at advanced level
  • Apply techniques to engage your people
  • Design an employee engagement strategy for business results

Who is this Online Training Course for?

The AZTech online training course has been specifically designed for those with a serious desire to become a better leader, whether you are just starting your leadership journey or whether you have been a leader for many years. This course will boost you to the next level of leadership.

This AZTech online training course is suitable to a wide range of business professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Supervisors/Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Heads of Divisions

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This AZTech online training course will utilise a variety of proven adult training techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes business case studies from various industries, video, group exercises, peer feedback group discussion and practical demonstrations.

The Course Content

Day One: The Challenge of Motivating and Inspiring People

  • Rule number one - Everything matters
  • The importance of stretching ourselves
  • Association and its impact on our ability to inspire
  • Receiving feedback on our abilities from other leaders
  • Why standing still is no longer an option
  • The cycle of personal growth

Day Two: Inspirational Leadership

  • Why some people are inspirational
  • Why Human Beings desire to be inspired
  • Human behavioural patterns and cultural difference
  • Why some people win and some people fail
  • Dreamers versus planners
  • Lighting a fire under your people

Day Three: Enabling People Utilize their Strengths

  • What is an enabler?
  • Why managers and enablers are so different
  • How the giving away power will gain you more
  • Resistance to an enabling business culture
  • Why enabling gains loyalty and increases trust
  • Why enablers are far stronger than managers

Day Four: Engaging and Encouraging your People

  • Why most employees are not engaged by their work
  • The 45 year plan and its effect on motivation
  • Engage your team to gain better results
  • Engaging an audience through presentations
  • Recognition and rewards
  • How to create a positive working environment

Day Five: Personal Leadership Challenge

  • Creating a powerful vision that drives you
  • Using the SMART formula to set goals
  • Deciding your preferred style of leadership
  • Creating accountability for yourself and others
  • Protecting yourself from self doubt
  • Using your personal strengths to lead others

The Course Schedule

10:30 - 11:00


Welcome, Setup, Registration (Day 1 Only)

11:00 – 12:30


First Session

12:30 – 12:45


Break (15 minutes)

12:45 – 14:15


Second Session

14:15 – 14:30


Break (15 minutes)

14:30 – 16:00


Third Session

The Certificate

  • An AZTech e-Certificate will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the online training course

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