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An intensive professional development training course on

The Effective Supervisor

Managing Time, Tasks and Teams with Competence and Confidence

Why Choose this Training Course?

Whether you are newly promoted or an experienced supervisor, the transition from being part of a team to leading one comes with a steep learning curve and can be extremely stressful. You may have reached where you are by hard work and technical skills but leading a team to improve results for the company requires a whole different skill set.

Supervisors need to manage their own tasks as well as lead the team, solve problems, implement systems and report up and down the hierarchy. They require a solid foundation of leadership skills, time management skills, communication skills, technical skills, as well as possessing high levels of emotional intelligence, self-discipline and motivation. Stepping up the ladder gives you a broader perspective of how you and your team contribute to your companies’ goals and successes. This new perspective comes with an increased responsibility. The right training can make that challenge an exciting and empowering one.

This dynamic and interactive Effective Supervisor training course will enable you to become a confident, credible and capable supervisor, by focusing on the skill set required to manage yourself, your work load and your team.

This AZTech training course will feature:

  • Clarifying the roles, responsibilities and strengths required of an empowered supervisor
  • Developing the team’s strengths and potential to improve productivity, effectiveness and commitment
  • Practical methods for effective problem solving, decision making and creative thinking
  • Handling the challenges of dealing with “difficult people”, conflicts and office politics
  • Leadership styles and keeping your team motivated and engaged
  • Coaching and developing your team members

What are the Goals?

By the end of this AZTech training course, participants will be able to:

  • Organise workload through effective planning, prioritizing & time management methods
  • Support the team output through teamwork, delegation, coaching, motivation & staff development strategies
  • Apply techniques to communicate clearly, concisely & consistently with all levels of the company
  • Examine the leadership styles, strengths & weakness & how it affects the team & job success
  • Manage the mind, emotions & stress effectively to not just achieve work goals but to enjoy work life more

Who is this Training Course for?

The principles and practices shared in this AZTech training course will greatly benefit a wide range of professionals including:

  • New and experienced supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Line-managers

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This active, varied and enjoyable training course employs a mix of presentations, informal lecture, discussion, self-assessments, case-studies, role plays and other exercises. It provides a great opportunity for participants not only to learn from the tutor but also to exchange views and learn from each other. Participants are encouraged to develop an action plan to put their learning into effect.

The Course Content

Day One: Leadership Skills

  • The roles, behaviours, skills and attitudes of a great supervisor
  • Clarifying the teams purpose, vision, mission, values and tasks
  • Key leadership styles
  • How to be a great team leader
  • Getting input and involvement from the team
  • Common supervisor mistakes and how to avoid them


Day Two: Time Management Skills

  • How to work smarter instead of just harder and longer
  • Taking control of your time and tasks
  • Planning, prioritizing and scheduling work
  • Handling issues such as interruptions, accessibility & multiple deadlines
  • Delegating tasks and responsibilities
  • Improving concentration and focus in the digital age


Day Three: Communication Skills

  • Group dynamics and team formation
  • The essential habits of highly effective teams
  • Dealing with problematic behaviours
  • Understanding communication styles
  • Managing conflicts on the team
  • Emotional intelligence and self-management


Day Four: Coaching Skills

  • Analyzing your team members strengths and development needs
  • Coaching, training and developing staff
  • Motivating the team and individuals
  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • How to influence and bring out the best in others
  • How to give a clear and memorable presentation


Day Five: Essential Skills

  • Problem solving techniques
  • Logical and Intuition Decision Making
  • Creating a culture of creativity in your office
  • Running productive and creative meetings
  • Mind Mapping – the ultimate tool for enhanced thinking 
  • Project Planning Basics

The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the training course

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