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An intensive professional development training course on

Transformational & Adaptive Leadership

The Course

Transformational leadership is the ability to get followers, colleagues, clients, stakeholders, and even superiors, to see the world differently and to reach beyond themselves individually and collectively in order achieve performance beyond expectations. Transformational leadership goes beyond traditional forms of transactional leadership that rely primarily on extrinsic motivators in order to develop and leverage the intrinsic motivation and engagement of followers and stakeholders. It also creates much better alignment between personal and organizational goals and values. Transformational leadership is also adaptive leadership, because it recognizes and leverages each person’s individuality for the good of themselves and the organization.


The Goals

  • Learn the nature of transformational and adaptive leadership and how they differ from traditional forms of transactional leadership.
  • How to assess one’s own leadership and that of followers and peers using the concepts of transformational leadership and the stages of leadership development.
  • Develop relationship and synergy between transformational and transactional leadership
  • Greatly improve morale, cohesion, and personal motivation.
  • Build the transformational leadership competencies of oneself and of others.
  • Transform teams and organizations so they leverage everyone’s strengths and become better vehicles for developing individual and collective competencies.
  • Build a self-development plan to enhance the transformational and adaptive leadership capacities of delegates


The Delegates

  • Line and functional managers, team leaders and supervisors in organizations of all sizes
  • Professionals responsible for strategy, marketing, business development, production, operations, HR, and/or product development
  • Intermediate and advanced level managers,team leaders and supervisors within all sectors, private and public, profit and not-for-profit


The Process

The course is a mixture of speaker input, facilitated discussion, syndicate work and practical exercises, with an emphasis on delegate involvement throughout.


The Benefits

Delegates will learn to:

  • Identify their social interaction style and their capacities and abilities in transactional and transformational leadership as well as those of their followers, peers, superiors and other stakeholders
  • Recognize and evolve their own stage of leadership development and those of their followers and collaborators
  • Create individual and collective development plans to transform people, processes, teams, and organizations for improved performance, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Balance the strengths and developmental needs of leaders, employees, and teams with those of the organization and rapidly evolving competitive situations and environments
  • Lead with greater insight, better communication, and stronger resolve in the face of competition and constant change


The Results

Organizations will benefit through the following results:

  • Improved leadership at all levels
  • Ability to adapt quickly and effectively
  • Better teamwork, organizational effectiveness, and individual and collective performance
  • Targeted development and growth of individuals and teams
  • Improved morale, mood, and cohesion based on profound unity of purpose and intrinsic motivation
  • Overall performance greatly beyond expectations


The Course Content

Day One

Beyond Traditional Leadership: The Principles of Transformational Leadership

  • The nature of motivation and influence
  • The role of intrinsic motivation in achieving work satisfaction and outstanding performance
  • The nature of transformational leadership and the Full Spectrum Leadership Mode
  • Four key factors that contribute to transformational leadership
  • The transformational skillset
  • Assessing the capacity and propensity for transformational and transactional leadership


Day Two

The Stages of Leadership Development

  • Fundamentals of human adult development
  • Lines of development and stages of development
  • How leadership develops over an entire career
  • The relationships between cognitive and moral development, and leadership stages
  • The link between transformational leadership and the stages of leadership development
  • Recognizing and assessing the stages leadership development


Day Three

Becoming an Adaptive Leader

  • Fundamentals of personality and temperament
  • How personality impacts on leadership and management style
  • Socio-communicative styles: how to recognize and leverage them in oneself and in others
  • Developing the skills and capacity to adapt to the needs of oneself, others, and the situation.
  • Acquiring flexibility and agility in one’s leadership style


Day Four

Transforming Teams and Organizations

  • How leadership impacts organizational development and teambuilding
  • Understanding and applying the languages of discovery, transformation, and collaboration
  • The collaborative organization and communities of inquiry
  • The organization as an organic whole that evolves and develops over time
  • Understanding and applying the power of morale, mood, cohesion, and unity of purpose


Day Five

Creating a Personal Leadership Development Plan

  • Techniques for honing transformational skills and factors
  • Creating a personal development plan in the cognitive, professional, moral, and interpersonal domains
  • Techniques to overcome personal and collective resistance to change and transformation
  • Helping others develop
  • Creating a community of inquiry to continue progressing with peers and like minded colleagues


The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the course.


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