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An intensive professional development training course on

The Leadership &
Management Transition

Developing Great Leadership & Management Capabilities

The Structure

This comprehensive training course consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10 Day Training event, or as individual, 5 Day training courses.

Module 1 - The Leadership Transition
Module 2 - The Management Transition

The Course Content

Module 1 - The Leadership Transition

Day One: Developing You as a Leader

  • Effective leadership, adapting styles to meet the needs of those they will manage
  • Making the transition from peer to leader
  • Leadership behaviours
  • The skills and qualities of an effective leader
  • Understanding, establishing and maintaining authority
  • Business awareness, understanding the ‘Bigger Picture’


Day Two: Leading Others

  • Motivating the team and gaining commitment to objectives and targets, providing feedback and support
  • Motivation from an organisation, leadership and individual perspective
  • Setting SMART objectives and performance standards
  • How to plan activities to meet organisational requirements
  • Delegating, problem solving and decision making


Day Three: Effective Working Relationships

  • Formal and informal working relationships
  • Internal and external contacts and relationships
  • Working with teams across the organisation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building relationships with stakeholders
  • How our behaviours impact on others and how to act positively to demonstrate trust and respect for individuals


Day Four: Developing Personal Presentation and Communication Skills

  • How to prepare, deliver and answer questions about a presentation
  • Three keys to effective speaking:
    • Thorough preparation
    • Good delivery
    • Overcoming nervousness
  • Skills of giving feedback to the team and management
  • Communicating effectively with all stakeholders, internal and external to the organisation


Day Five: Building Confidence as a Leader

  • Recognise own personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader and learn from experience whilst planning personal development to improve own performance and leadership skills
  • How to build resilience and manage stress
  • Three Sources of Resilience – Model
  • Building a strong support network
  • Personal Development and Action Planning


Module 2 - The Management Transition

Day Six: The Tasks and Responsibilities of Management

  • Defining the role of management (Mintzberg)
  • Leader and manager?
  • The challenges of a new role
  • Key competences of managers at different levels (CMI)
  • Understanding my Strengths and Weaknesses
  • What type of boss will I be?


Day Seven: Leading a Team Effectively

  • Understanding the internal context: Organisation’s vision, purpose and aims
  • How the external context impacts the organisation
  • Setting and aligning team objectives
  • Gaining skills in communicating team direction and purpose
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Embracing diversity and challenge


Day Eight: Managing People

  • The HR cycle: Recruitment, Induction, Training & Development, Career Options or Exit
  • The role of manager v role of HR
  • Performance Reviews: Past and Future
  • Motivating for performance and outcomes
  • Coaching methods and skills
  • Managing conflict 


Day Nine: Managing Resources

  • Managing projects: Planning, Implementing and Reviewing
  • Assessing and managing risks
  • Setting budgets
  • Managing information
  • Reporting, controlling and adjusting
  • The process of continuous improvement


Day Ten: Solving Problems and Making Decisions

  • Understanding and engaging stakeholders
  • Creative problem solving and problem-solving techniques
  • Decision making processes
  • Analysing problems, gathering and interpreting data
  • Implementing action plans and communicating decisions
  • The Monkey Rule: Achieving goals through the effort of others

The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the training course

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