An intensive professional development training course on

Certificate in Tax and Revenue Management

Strategies Towards Reducing the Tax Gap
and Maximizing Shareholders' Value

Classroom Sessions

16-20 Sep 2024
Dubai - UAE
02-06 Dec 2024
London - UK
24-28 Feb 2025
Dubai - UAE

Online Sessions

08-12 Jul 2024
23-27 Sep 2024
28 Oct-01 Nov 2024
09-13 Dec 2024
27-31 Jan 2025
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Why Choose this Training Course?

It is evident that understanding taxes and their structures are instrumental for the survival of a company. However, the devil is in the details which makes Tax and Revenue Management hard to learn. Luckily, business managers and investors do not need to know the details.

This Certificate in Tax and Revenue Management training course is designed to help business managers and professionals to understand the fundamental principles of taxation and how to apply them when making decisions. It also shows professional advisors how to become more effective consultants, and investors how to better analyze financial statements.

This AZTech training course will feature:

  • The general framework of Taxation (Tax and Revenue Management)
  • Importance and real case studies of how Tax and Revenue Management impacts strategic decision making?
  • The process of Tax Planning
  • Risk Management, Raising Capital, and Tax and Revenue Management
  • Challenges and new trends of Tax and Revenue Management

What are the Goals?

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Make the distinction between different types of taxes, structure and sources of regulation
  • Understand the complex framework of Tax and Revenue Management
  • Recognize the risk factors associated with choosing the form of your company and its impact on your Tax situation
  • Appreciate the challenges of Financing Ongoing Operations and Tax Planning
  • Make the link between Financial Statement Analysis and Proactive Tax Planning

Who is this Training Course for?

This AZTech training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  •  Current and potential Managers and business Leaders at all levels
  • Those responsible for developing and leading strategic financial operations
  • Team Leaders in the public or private sector
  • Staff Members responsible for financial controls
  • Non-finance Managers with financial responsibilities

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This AZTech training course will utilize a variety of proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes:

  • A presentation in a highly inter-active manner
  • Individual and group activities, interspersed throughout the sessions, along with appropriate case studies
  • Video documentaries that will highlight the major teaching features

The Course Content

Day One: Tax rates, Structure and Origin of Regulations
  • The importance of taxes in business decisions
  • Types of Taxes
  • Basic Principles of Taxation
  • Sources of Tax Laws
  • Important Principles and Concepts in Tax Law
Class Activity: Group Exercises and Case Study Discussions
Day Two: Understanding the Framework of Strategic Tax Planning 
  • Identifying the SAVANT Framework
    •  Strategy
    •  Anticipation
    •  Value-Adding
    •  Negotiating
    • Transforming
  • Choosing a Legal Entity: Risk Management, Raising Capital, and Tax Management
  • Applying SAVANT to Entity Choice : Specialized Legal Forms
Class Activity: Case Study Discussions
Day Three: Tax and Revenue Management: Operating the Firm
  • Tax decisions and New Products and Product Improvement
  • Company and Employee Tax Planning
  • Market Penetration: Operating in different countries
  • Financing Ongoing Operations and Tax Planning
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Proactive Tax Planning
Class Activity: Group Exercises and Case Study Discussions
Day Four: Tax Management and Changing the Original Form of the Company
  • Analyzing different cases of Restructuring:
    • Financial Restructuring
    • Business Restructuring
    • Legal Entity Restructuring
    •  Divestitures
    • Selling Off Parts of the Business
    • Selling a Business to an Outside Entity
  • Analyzing different cases of Merger and Acquisition
    • Some General Tax Rules
    • Tax Free Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Statutory Mergers and Consolidations
    • Taxable Mergers and Acquisitions
Class Activity: Group Exercises and Case Study Discussions
Day Five: Tax and Revenue Management for Multinational Corporations: Trends and Challenges
  • Tax and Revenue Management strategies, namely:
    • The use of flow-through entities for divestitures
    • The use of flow-through entities for acquisitions
    • Liquidations of a subsidiary
    • The sale of a subsidiary
    • Bankruptcies
  • New trends and challenges in today's economies
Class activity: Group exercises and case study discussions

The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the training course


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