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An intensive professional development training course on

Mastering Positive
Leadership & Strategy

The Course

This comprehensive program offers a range of practical and positive leadership skills and tools that can be implemented in the modern organization. Through the application and skills learned in this program, many leaders have improved their every day practices to get outstanding results from their people.

Although you may learn and understand the principles within this program, applying them every day until they become second nature to you is your challenge.  Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training and experience; they are not resting on their laurels. Taking advantage of this type of program will be a great start or continuation of advancing towards a goal of total Authentic Leadership at all levels.

This two week program will assist delegates to:

  • Use positive leadership to inspire their people to greater contributions
  • understand and apply the skill of emotional intelligence to reduce turnover and stress
  • contribute to aligning the culture brand of the organization
  • improve their value to the organization through new strategies and execution
  • build their skills to create and manage new strategic choices


The Goals

At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Analyze and apply the skills of a highly positive leader and how to further develop people and organizations.
  • Analyze and apply the power and positive outcomes of Shared Vision
  • Appreciate all the elements and apply Emotional Intelligence to create Positive outcomes
  • Appreciate how to use the power of emotions to win over relationships and build a strong following
  • Appreciate and apply the true makeup and value of an “Authentic Leader” to create a Trusted Environment


The Process

This two week program is an interactive mixture of lecture, discussion, activities and practice on Leadership and Strategy Skill Building through providing definitions, examples, discussion and activities designed to promote these skills with interaction and discussion among participants. Activities include:

  • work and practice with case studies
  • presentations on the program content to allow participants to practice new skills
  • video content to illustrate the practices taught in the program
  • presentations to model the outcomes expected
  • role plays to practice the skills


The Delegates

  • Leaders and executives of any size or type of Organization
  • Potential leaders from the ranks of Supervisors, Managers or Team Leaders
  • Any person in an organization that wishes to learn the elements of positive leadership to build their value to an organization.


The Benefits

  • Appreciate that positive leaders will gain greater productivity by their followers.
  • Support the idea that the followers of positive leaders will be more inspired by a postive leadership style
  • Discover that your positive leadership style leads to a more fulfilling & healthy life.
  • Appreciate that a positive attitude for leaders reduce personal stress
  • Appreciate that positive leaders are much more marketable  


The Results

Positive Leadership Skills will enable the Delegate to:

  • Apply techniques Improve the productivity of  your staff
  • Apply techniques and model behavior to build a strong Cultural Brand for your organization
  • Discover and apply techniques to Improve your Health and Lifestyle 
  • Discover ways to Inspire followers to contribute more ideas for improving value
  • Discover and apply ways to reduces the turnover of staff


The Course Content


Day One

The Power of a Positive Leadership

  • The Challenges of a Leadership in the Global Marketplace
  • The Power of Optimism: Persistence in pursuing challenging goals
  • Defining your Followers & their Needs
  • The Power of Creating a Communicating a Positive Vision
  • Gaining Alignment and Commitment
  • Case Studies


Day Two

Emotional Intelligence & Positive Leadership

  • The Power & Influence of Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Reflection of your positive nature : Monitor your own emotional state
  • Self-Management: Managing your emotions to produce positive results
  • Emotional Self-Control—Keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check.
  • Adaptability—Flexibility in handling changing circumstances.


Day Three

The Power of a Positive Leader to Facilitate Positive Results in People

  • SOCIAL-AWARENESS: Awareness of others’ feelings, needs, & concerns; how to handle relationships.
  • Empathy: Sensing others’ feelings & perspective, and taking active interest in them.
  • RELATIONSHIP-MANAGEMENT—Inducing desirable responses in others.
  • Supporting Others by Sensing the needs of others, and bolstering their abilities.
  • Case studies on Relationship Management


Day Four

Power of a Positive Leader to Change People

  • Becoming a Change Catalyst—managing change through effective persuasion.
  • Gaining positive Influence by persuading others through positive communication.
  • Understand how to Change People and  the Leadership Paradigms
  • Facilitating Change – overcoming human nature
  • Getting positive results through motivation


Day Five

The Authentic Leader - Building Trust for Positive Results

  • The values and effect of authenticity on followers
  • The Benefits of a High Trust Environment
  • How Positive Leaders model the way – personal execution
  • Guidelines to model the way
  • Effective Interpersonal Influence



Day Six

Strategy and the Strategic Process

  • Study of the Evolution and Content of Strategy in the Strategic Process
  • Understand where Strategy fits in the Strategic Plan
  • Discussion of The “Masters of Strategy” in the market - Case Studies
  • Review and Learn the Drivers of Strategy
  • The Three Phases of Strategic Choice


Day Seven

The Strategy Planning Process

  • Understand The Strategic Analysis Process and conceptual frameworks?
  • Develop a External analysis - understanding and analyzing business attractiveness - environmental factors, competitive forces, market dynamics
  • Analyze Customer Base “Thinking backwards from the customer”
  • Apply an Internal analysis: financial & non-financial
  • Avoid “paralysis by analysis”


Day Eight

The Skills of The Strategic Manager

  • Putting a strategy plan together – the framework
  • Understand Strategies for alliances and joint ventures
  • Know the Strategic Managers role and skills
  • Systems Thinking – the building blocks of Strategic Management
  • Build the Creative Environment


Day Nine

The Role of Innovation in New Strategies

  • The Creative Mind – How to unleash the power of your creative brain
  • Apply the Six Thinking Hat theory
  • Create the critical mass for change and innovation
  • How to Incubate ideas
  • How to overcome Paradigms
  • How a Leader Creates a Climate of Innovation
  • Learn The G.E. “Workout” Strategy
  • Get your Team to Develop Creative Solutions for New Strategies
  • Putting it all together – New Strategies
  • Review


Day Ten

Developing Team Dynamics for Greater Innovation & Strategies

  • How a Leader Creates a Climate of Innovation
  • Learn The G.E. “Workout” Strategy
  • Get your Team to Develop Creative Solutions for New Strategies
  • Putting it all together – New Strategies
  • Review


The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the course.


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