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An intensive professional development training course on

Managing Project Control

Effectively Supporting Project Delivery

Why Choose this Course?

In order for organisations to achieve project objectives, the relevant project information must be imparted with accountability and any responsibilities made clear. The core Project Controls disciplines are comprehensively covered and this course will feature:

  • A sound foundation in Project Control tools and techniques.
  • Interactive exercises to reveal the mysteries of planning and control
  • An introduction to the principles of project management techniques
  • A good level of knowledge in relation to risk management and ownership
  • A solid introduction to the supporting role that Project Controls plays in assisting delivery of projects, including planning and scheduling, teamwork, procurement, communications, document control, quality management, resource management, risk management, handover and review.


What are the Goals?

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the value of project control to project success and improve the project team's contribution to the project performance.
  • Perform many of the key project control processes and techniques.
  • Contribute to the improved management of project control.
  • Appreciate the integration of budget and schedules on projects.
  • Contribute to a positive culture for project control in the project team.
  • Review effectiveness of measures for controlling risks.


Who is this Course for?

The target audience is employees with experience in engineering or projects who are either new to project control, or are being prepared for project control roles, or who require a refresher overview of project control principles.

It is particularly suitable for:

  • project and discipline engineers
  • planning engineers
  • cost engineers
  • quantity surveyors
  • document controllers
  • to those who would like to learn how projects are planned and controlled in industry


How will this be Presented?

This course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes:

  • Training provided via in an interactive format
  • Facilitation taking place with in-class learning sessions
  • Consistent use of both individual and group exercises,
  • Good use of case studies /scenario studies to reinforce learning
  • Glossary of relevant terms for Project Management provided and referred to throughout to ensure competency descriptors are understood.


The Course Content

Module 1: Defining a Project and Project Control Terminology

  • Understand what a Project is – Definitions & Attributes
  • Learn about Project Controls


Module 2: Project Management Organization

  • Understand how Project Controls sit within a project organisation
  • Gain an understanding of different organisational structures and how they impact upon projects
  • Gain an appreciation of macro-environment in relation to project responsibilities


Module 3 - Preparing for Success

  • Define success criteria and KPI’s of project
  • Understand who stakeholders are and how they may impact upon the project
  • Consider implications of unclear roles and responsibilities to project success


Module 4: Project Life Cycles & Change Control

  • Familiarise yourself with the benefits of following a Project Life Cycle
  • Recognise the need for project Change Control
  • Gain an awareness of scope creep with unmanaged changes


Module 5: Project Management Integration

  • Understand the need for a project team approach
  • Identify with the importance of communication in an Oil & Gas project
  • Learn about the importance of consistent interactions with project teams, engineering teams, managers, etc.
  • Consider different Project Systems and Processes for project controls


Module 6: Document Control & Communication

  • Understand the Basics of Document Control
  • Identify document control checks and gate keeping skills
  • Define the importance of document Identification
  • Learn how to organise documents and manage information security
  • Understand how to ensure an efficient and relevant distribution of document
  • Know the importance of managing documents throughout their life cycle
  • Discuss document control procedures and specifications


Module 7: Developing Project Budget & Cost Control Process

  • Learn the relevance of estimation in terms of cost & schedule
  • Understand the different estimation types and where they should best be applied
  • Master the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
  • Learn about creation of a Project Budget
  • Understand the importance of Project cost management and cost control


Module 8: Project Stakeholder Engagement

  • Identify who stakeholders are and how they may impact upon the project
  • Consider best methods for managing stakeholders


Module 9: Project Schedule Planning

  • Gain an understanding of project requirements & how to capture them
  • Development of the work breakdown structures (WBS)
  • Understanding best use of the RAM and RACI tools


Module 10: Critical Path & Schedule Development

  • Develop the precedence Network Diagram
  • Understand how to build schedule logic
  • Carry out activity development exercises
  • Learn how to master network calculations
  • Understand the differences and implications of lead and lag scheduling
  • Know when we need to consider a Time-Cost-Scope trade-off


Module 11: Project Resource Management – Typical Challenges for Major Projects

  • Recognise resource allocation algorithms for resource prioritisation
  • Learn how to consider planning and scheduling with limited resources
  • Find out about different options for accelerating the schedule
  • Learn about how to crash the Schedule


Module 12: Project Risk and Contingency Analysis

  • Learn about the Risk Management Process l
  • Identifying Potential Risk Events
  • Learn about Qualitative and Semi-Quantitative Risk Analysis Techniques
  • Understand Risk Matrices and Risk Ranking
  • Learn Progressive Risk Management Plan Development
  • Understand best use of the project risk register
  • Recognise risk response planning strategies
  • Differentiate between containment and contingent strategies


Module 13: Project Procurement & Sub Contractor Management

  • Gain an overview of Project Procurement Management
  • Find out about contract types according to risk distribution
  • Learn about
  • Fixed-Price Contracts
  • Cost-Reimbursable Contracts
  • Time and Material Contracts
  • Understand how contract type selection impacts on projects
  • Find out how subcontract management relates to other disciplines
  • Learn how subcontract management is best managed


Module 14: Project Control Reporting

  • Learn about what needs to be reported
  • Understand different methods for reporting
  • Consider the timeliness of reporting and why


Module 15: Project Quality Management

  • Understand what project quality management is
  • Learn how to prepare for quality planning
  • Find out how to perform quality Assurance
  • Learn different methods available to perform quality control
  • Familiarise yourself with a range of quality tools
  • Understand the true cost of quality


Module 16: Job-Site Management

  • Understand aspects which affect safe working
  • Highlight the need for risk assessment in the workplace,
  • Consider the implementation of necessary control measures
  • Learn how to ensure adequate communication takes place


Module 17: Project Cost and Schedule Recovery

  • Project Cost and Schedule Recovery Techniques


Module 18: Staying Focused, Delivering and Closing your Project

  • Prepare for a good project handover
  • Understand what’s involved in project closure
  • Learn about project lessons learned – how they should be captured and how to use them for best practice.


The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the course.


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