An intensive professional development training course on

People Skills

Achieving Superior Interpersonal Effectiveness

Classroom Sessions

20-24 May 2024
Dubai - UAE
08-12 Jul 2024
Rome - Italy
23-27 Sep 2024
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
25-29 Nov 2024
Paris - France
10-14 Feb 2025
Houston - USA
19-23 May 2025
Dubai - UAE

Online Sessions

14-18 Oct 2024
20-24 Jan 2025
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Why Choose this Training Course?

Effective People Skills are crucial to personal and business success. Learn to develop highly effective business relationships, enhance your emotional intelligence and improve your ability to influence and engage with people more effectively. Today more than ever, personal success comes down to interpersonal effectiveness – the capacity to work with others to get things done.

This Effective People Skills training course aims to provide you with the skills, behaviours and knowledge to effectively build relationships with others. Effective People Skills will arm you with a rich and powerful range of skills and methods to help you gain the full benefits of interpersonal excellence.

This AZTech training course will feature:

  • Learning to develop strong, influential relationships with others
  • Unlocking your abilities to create highly effective relationships, and fine-tuning your approach to relating to others
  • Strategies and tools to influence and motivate people
  • Building successful teams that work together in harmony
  • How to maximize your personal empowerment, influence and productivity

What are the Goals?

By the end of this AZTech training course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the keys to communicating honestly, directly, and professionally
  • Employ the interpersonal behaviours that nurture good working relations
  • Identify the principle elements of teams, their types and stages of development
  • Apply communication skills and strategies to negotiation positive conflict outcomes for all parties
  • Demonstrate a higher level of personal power and increased productivity

Who is this Training Course for?

This AZTech training course is for individuals looking to boost their productivity and success by building quality working relationships to improve collaboration with peers, employees, supervisors, customers, and other organizational stakeholders by developing their people skills.

This AZTech training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Professionals who would like to improve their self-management and personal effectiveness
  • Professionals who would like to improve their interpersonal relationships, communications and trust-building skills
  • Professionals who would like to become a stronger, more confident and respected high performer

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This AZTech training course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes experiential exercises, self-assessments, video dramatizations, skill practices, case studies, behavior modeling, and group discussion to give delegates the tools to apply the learning back home.

The Course Content

Day One: The Core Interpersonal Skill
  • Person-to-Person communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • The Active listening models
  • Styles of communication
  • Preparing and delivering great presentations
 Day Two: Building Winning Working Relationships
  • The TRUST Factor
  • Avoiding the collusion phenomenon
  • A Change of Heart
  • Interpersonal Dialogue: Core Principles
  • Understand the definition and meaning of interpersonal
  • Harnessing harmful behavior
 Day Three: Understanding Groups and Team Dynamics
  • High performing teams vs. traditional work group
  • The three elements of high-performance teams
  • Understanding the types of teams
  • The stages of team development
  • Team member styles
  • Capitalizing on the team player styles within your team
 Day Four: Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Dealing with conflict Constructively
  • Symptoms of conflict situations
  • Getting to win-win
  • Understanding team player styles
  • Fostering and encouraging team creativity
 Day Five: Increasing Personal Productivity
  • Growing your personal power
  • Achieving emotional excellence inner mastery
  • Our time and your life
  • Growing personal productivity
  • Direction through personal Integrity
  • Designing a strategic plan for your life and career

The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the training course

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