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The Total Leader: Effective Skills for Successful Management

August 7, 2018 Mr. John Smart, Senior AZTech Consultant

Last week saw the conclusion of the highly successful course ‘The Total Leader: Effective Skills for Successful Management’, conducted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  This highly engaging, thought provoking course gave deep insights in to leadership for the modern workplace.

Leadership involves a multitude of disciplines, strategies, skills, behaviours, combined with insight and experience.  Most of the modern leadership theories and ideas were subsequently developed in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, and what we see today, in the books of Covey, Kotter and others, are these ideas reformatted into modern business language and structure.  One of the keys to becoming an excellent leader is understand these concepts, as well as being able to apply them to not only the modern workplace, but to your own requirements.

Delegates who attended the course were shown leading-edge ideas, then were able to break these down to understand in greater detail the model or structure.  With this greater knowledge and understanding they were able to re-apply these models in a practical and pragmatically way for their own situations and workplace.

In addition, as a leader, there are some essential skills that need to be developed, these include:

  • Understanding yourself, so on the programme delegates undertook a personality as well as a leadership assessment to help define their preferred leadership presence.
  • Understanding others as well as how to engage and motivate them to do tasks, come up with creative ideas and problem solve. Delegates learnt the skills and practices to ensure this happens as well as using an innovative creative problem-solving tool used in 90% of the top innovative organisations.
  • They were given essential interpersonal skills to influence others as well as powerful performance management skills to ensure others achieve their performance targets.
  • They were taught how to develop their emotional intelligence and utilise its strength. This is a key part of the programme and helps to bring all the primary concepts of the learning together.

The AZTech training course: The Total Leader: Effective Skills for Successful Management has been specifically designed and developed to cover the most important, key topic areas required for complete Leadership.  In addition, it provides thought provoking discussions as well as practical self-analysis tools to enable, as well as empower you, to utilise the most effective and efficient way to synergistically lead and manage.

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