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It’s Time to Change

April 2, 2017  By Bill Carpenter, Senior AZTech Consultant

There has never been a more important time for organisations of every kind to embrace change proactively. For organisations with customers, that’s often driven by the customers’ changing needs and expectations. For all organisations, it may be related to the constant movement of political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental factors, amongst other things. An… Read More

Guidelines for Interpersonal Success

The Newly Appointed Manager: Guidelines for Interpersonal Success

March 26, 2017  By Dr. Rod Linter, Senior AZTech Consultant

Newly appointed to a supervisory, team leadership to management position? Congratulations on your new role. But just how ready are you for the new challenges that lay ahead? Experience shows that most employees get promoted because of the technical expertise they demonstrate; in practice, little time is spent preparing people for management. Most are simply… Read More

Money – Motivator or Demotivator

Money – Motivator or Demotivator?

March 19, 2017  By Dr. Pat Hartwell, Senior AZTech Consultant

Whenever I discuss the topic of motivation on training courses, the response is often ‘Yes, money is a motivator’.  I then say ‘Okay, with my magic wand I will ensure that you all have a 50% pay increase from tomorrow’.  Pleased looks all round.  Now I ask ‘Will you work 50% harder or faster or… Read More

Managing your Projects as Unique

March 9, 2017  By Jacqui Aird-Paterson, Senior AZTech Consultant

Project managers pride themselves on past successes, and rightly so.  However, sometimes that causes issues – as we can’t expect all projects to deliver in the same way – we need to remember the key element of a project is its uniqueness!  Just like in life, taking different paths, witnessing different stories or experiences take… Read More

Leading with Ethics

Leading with Ethics and Compliance

February 26, 2017  By Rodger H. Pyrah, Senior AZTech Consultant

Over the last few decades we have witnessed many examples of unethical behaviour and this has brought their world into disrepute. Jeff Skilling created an environment at Enron in which unethical behaviour could flourish, based on his understanding of Darwinian evolution and the principle of “survival of the fittest.” Leaders are responsible for creating the… Read More

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