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Leading the Way: Defining Strategy

June 28, 2017  By Lydia Hirst, Senior Consultant to AZTech

Understanding the External Environment in Devising a Strategy How much time should organisations devote to strategy? How effectively can one operate without having a clear destination and purpose? Just the other day, there was a debate led by the BBC’s In Business correspondent, Tanya Beckett, about the time managers spend in meetings. This raised the… Read More

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Training Provider

June 13, 2017  By Dr. John Smart, Senior Consultant to AZTech

Training and developing your people should be a key focus of any organisation, as we know it’s the people that make the real difference to an organisations success. It’s important therefore, to ensure we employ the right training Provider.  There are many things to consider when engaging or looking for a suitable Provider, but as… Read More

Managing Employee Performance, Behavior and Attitudes

June 1, 2017  © AZTech

Why almost everybody including employees and managers dread Performance Reviews and Appraisal? This is because we FEEL before we THINK. Human behavior and attitude is a complex one and Psychologists have researched and published a lot of articles in relation to the subject. Among these publications is “The Nudge Theory”, which is one of the… Read More

Does HR have a future? What needs to transform to keep HR relevant?

May 29, 2017  By Tony Buon, Senior Consultant to AZTech

Human Resource Management is at a crossroads. For the past twenty years, HR has increasingly found a seat at the Board Table and has gained substantial financing and power. However, the return on investment (ROI) has not always been evident. In fact, many organizations are now outsourcing some of their core HR functions. Others are… Read More

Beating Your Comfort Zone, Welcoming More Risks

May 23, 2017  By Steve Hennessy, Senior Consultant to AZTech

Benefits of being motivated to have bigger dreams Imagine standing on top of a large skyscraper. In front of you is a long metal beam stretching across the vast drop below and resting on the opposite skyscraper across the street. As you peer down you see the cars below look like tiny ants and you… Read More

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