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Hiring and Retaining Good Employees

April 18, 2016  

Hiring good employees is not only important to your business, it’s essential. Employees are the heart and soul of a any business; they are the mechanism that makes a business run; they are the breath of life that enables a business to be something more than an  just idea. A business can’t run unless someone… Read More

Teambuilding and Employee Engagement

How Leaders Build Effective Teams through Quality Management and Teamwork

April 18, 2016  

Leadership is a big word. It means more than what it appears to be and is written about in millions of books around the world. Leading a person or a group of people is an infinite responsibility. Of course, we have different kinds of leaders and people are constantly looking for leaders who can create… Read More

Strategic Vision

The Challenges of Strategy – How well do you Develop, Communicate and Implement your Company’s Strategy?

April 14, 2016  By Lydia Hirst

When managers or leaders are asked “what is strategy?” several different answers are given.  Often managers say that a strategy is a plan. Some organisations claim to have a number of different strategic plans: one for each key department or division. They may not have an overview of what the organisation intends to deliver. Consequently,… Read More

Producing Professional Peak Performance
in the 21st Century Training

April 12, 2016  By Gerald H. Bradley

We are living in an incredible world of change and leadership transitions.  As goes the leader, so goes the pack!  This is so true from family, to the corporate world, as well as the global environment.  These professionally selected courses, are designed to introduce and focus on the real strategic leadership dynamics, that bring about… Read More

What are the Skills required to Lead and Manage?

April 12, 2016  By Tony Evans

Management skills are often linked to leadership skills and there is a popular discussion whether leadership and management are the same.  It could be stated that a leader needs people to lead whereas a manager carries out a process; however, there are many more definitions. A number of people make things or process things –… Read More

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