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Your Leadership Role During the International Pandemic Crisis

March 29, 2020  Jillian Sawers, AZTech Senior Consultant

There is no time that someone’s true leadership mettle is tested more, than in times of crisis.  Everything is in flux, nothing is clear, and fear and anxiety are dominating the emotional landscape.  You may be forced to make quick decisions based on limited information and be responsible for implementing action plans which have a… Read More

Virtual Working

March 26, 2020  John Smart. AZTech Senior Consultant

With these unprecedented times, with the global impact of COVID-19, the impetus for remote/virtual working for organisations has never been greater. As a socially responsible organisation we want to share with you some of the learnings from our ‘Leading and Creating Virtual Teams’ course, to make your transition to this new, and in some situations… Read More

Contact Tracing

March 25, 2020  Dieter Moll, AZTech Senior Consultant

For a new or poorly understood disease or epidemic, the availability of contact information can shed light on how a disease is spread and how fast treatment can be administered to patients and exposed individuals. How it works. Epidemiologists, or “health officials,” start with the index patient, sometimes called “patient zero.” Depending on what they… Read More

Communicating with Employees during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

March 24, 2020  Jo Ann Sweeney, AZTech Senior Consultant

Here are some tips for staying in touch with employees during the coronavirus crisis, helping them feel cared for, valued and reassured. Give permission to work from home for anyone who is feeling unwell – even when they are unsure, they have the symptoms of coronavirus; wants to self-isolate; or has children unable to go… Read More

10 Things HR Should Do in the Coronavirus Pandemic

March 23, 2020  Dr Pat Hartwell, AZTech Senior Consultant

1 Convince the C-Suite to trust employees working at home One of the key reasons why home working is not encouraged in some organisations is that senior management doesn’t trust employees to work ‘properly’ at home and they will cheat and do non-work tasks 2 Look at any medical records to determine who the most… Read More

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