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Reboot Your Team, Department or Business

May 14, 2020  Graham Roberts-Phelps, AZTech Senior Consultant

Essential for managers at all levels to start acting on now. Stay positive, keep busy, save your goals. The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses across the globe.  And whilst this has affected some businesses far more than others, we have all felt the effect. Indeed, some industry sectors being literally reduced to a small shadow… Read More

Was COVID-19 a Real VUCA For You?

May 11, 2020  Derek Prior, AZTech Senior Consultant

You have probably heard the acronym VUCA. It is based on the management theories of ProfessorsWarren Bennis and Burt Nanus and was used in American military training to describe the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the world after the Cold War. For many organisations post COVID-19, the situation in which they are now placed… Read More

Leadership in the Age of Realisation

May 6, 2020  Dr. Rod Linter, AZTech Senior Consultant

Crisis doesn’t create character; it reveals it! Are you prepared for your leadership role in the Post-COVID world? Six weeks into the London lockdown and the full reality of life post-COVID-19 begins to emerge. With the UK now approaching 30,000 deaths and the global total moving toward 250,000, we are recognising that this virus is… Read More

The Challenge of Contracting and the World Pandemic Crisis

May 3, 2020  Prof. Andrew Goodman, AZTech Senior Consultant

Commercial enterprise all over the world has been facing the kind of challenge rarely seen outside wartime, with transport, oil and gas, supply chains, logistics, property, retail and hospitality suffering the wholesale suspension of trading activities. The number of liquidations and personal insolvency, mass unemployment and the scale of governmental intervention will not in combination… Read More

Leadership in a Time of Crisis

April 28, 2020  Thomas Boyle, AZTech Senior Consultant

Isolation, social distancing, lockdown, quarantine, fear, rumour, confusion. We are living unprecedented times. It seems that almost every time we turn on the radio or TV at the moment we are subjected to a barrage of negativity. As leaders, perhaps sitting at home, but still working, with a team doing the same how are we… Read More

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