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Renewable Energy and Sustainability

July 18, 2020  

The global transition to a sustainable energy future has begun. Renewable energy is growing at an astounding pace, information technologies are revolutionizing electricity trade and management, and competitive electricity markets drive unprecedented change in electricity generation choice. These rapid changes create countless opportunities for those firms and individuals that understand how and why these changes… Read More

Effective Self Management: Professional, Personal & Powerful Empowerment

June 24, 2020  

Welcome to this career and life-changing, course!  This training course, “Effective Self Management”, has been specifically designed for developing leaders with cutting edge change management strategies, by empowering their personal development skills.  Aldus Huxley, an English writer, novelist, philosopher, said, “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and… Read More

The Future of HR: How HR will Guide the Recovery

June 8, 2020  

The Covid-19 experience has had a major impact on organisations and the individuals who work in them. We have been worrying about our own health, and the health of our family and friends. Now as Lockdowns across the world are starting to be lifted, we need to think about what the future will be like.… Read More

Reboot Your Team, Department or Business

May 14, 2020  

Essential for managers at all levels to start acting on now. Stay positive, keep busy, save your goals. The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses across the globe.  And whilst this has affected some businesses far more than others, we have all felt the effect. Indeed, some industry sectors being literally reduced to a small shadow… Read More

Was COVID-19 a Real VUCA For You?

May 11, 2020  

You have probably heard the acronym VUCA. It is based on the management theories of ProfessorsWarren Bennis and Burt Nanus and was used in American military training to describe the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the world after the Cold War. For many organisations post COVID-19, the situation in which they are now placed… Read More

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