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Public Private Partnerships Contract Management

September 19, 2018 Dr Paul Wright MCIPS, Senior AZTech Consultant

Government bodies around the world are increasingly looking to move away from traditional contracting with suppliers to Public Private Partnerships for large projects.  The aim is to draw in both finance and expertise from the private sector in order to achieve better outcomes and better value for money.

The goals of PPPs are clear, but the results are mixed.  The key to success is in both preparation (covered in a previous course Public Private Partnerships – Project Preparation) and Contract Management to ensure that risks are fairly shared and neither side exploits the partnership unfairly.

Each PPP is different and this week we had delegates from Africa looking at a wide range of projects including road infrastructure and medical service provision.   Last week also had delegates from the Middle East.  All delegates are dealing with complex projects in difficult circumstances and contract management is essential to both the project and the country.

Among the topics on offer are:

  • Results Based Contracts
  • Procurement for Complex Projects
  • Identifying Outputs and Outcomes
  • The Competitive Dialogue Process
  • Step in Rights for Failing Projects
  • Contract Close and Project Handover
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
  • Supplier Relationship Management

These provide set of tools for delegates to apply after the course, which they can plan using their personal Action Plans for implementation.

The Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Contract Management Training couse is also suitable for contractors seeking to win business in PPPs – in the spirit of partnership both sides have to understand each other’s objectives and approaches, and to share a common toolkit.

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