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An intensive professional development training course on

The Complete Leader

Managing and Leading Mini MBA

The Course

This leadership Mini-MBA provides practicing or aspiring executives, managers, supervisors and others interested in improving their leadership job performance, an opportunity to develop their skills in an intensive 10-day course.

During this course participants will first be exposed to “The Three-Dimensions of Leadership,” a unique system of principles that enable leaders to use best practices to implement the effective process steps world class leaders have taken to effect change that makes their business and government operations more successful. It will focus on the behaviours and processes that lead to individual, group and organisational success.

Secondly the participants will be introduced to the challenges managers and leaders must address in multi-cultural workplaces. Nationalisation, globalisation and the growth of multi-national corporations mean that managers and leaders must understand the complexities of culture from structural, political, social and psychological perspectives. In this part of the course participants will explore the meaning and psychology of culture; understand the impact of culture on management and leadership; and become more self-aware in cultural understanding.

The course will help participants:

  • Articulate your concept of mission, vision and values statements and your personal role in fulfilling them for and organisational success.
  • Assume responsibilities and deploy best practices as a team supervisor, program manager and/or multi-group leader
  • Develop vital managerial and leadership skills to work in a multi-cultural workplace
  • Discover best-practice in diversity management and multi-cultural communication


The Structure

This comprehensive programme consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10 Day Training event, or as individual, 5 Day courses.

Module 1 - The Three-Dimensions of Leadership: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context

Module 2 - Managing & Leading in a Multi-Cultural Workplace


The Goals

By the end of the course, the delegate will be able to:

  • Define the fundamental principles of “The Three-Dimensions of Leadership”
  • Explain best practices in leading diverse teams of people
  • Analyse the big picture to develop strategies that implement your organisation’s business/mission
  • Develop and implement a positive leadership development culture
  • List Hofstede’s five value dimensions and explain in his/her own words the meaning of each of the five value dimensions
  • Illustrate examples of stereotypes and stereotyping


The Delegates

  • All current and aspiring senior executives, directors, middle managers, department heads and supervisors,
  • Those looking to expand one’s capacity to effectively lead and manage others to achieve organisational success.
  • Human resource personnel including HR Business Partners
  • Operations department heads and managers
  • All staff interested in developing more effective working relations and multi-cultural skills


The Process

Dynamic presentations support each of the topics together with interactive trainer led sessions of discussion. There will also be numerous practical sessions where participants have the opportunity to participate and experience topics. Case studies, DVD’s, small group work, exercises and feedback will be used to facilitate learning


The Benefits

Participants who attend the Complete Leader, Mini MBA Course will:

  • Gain the capacity to self-assess performance and outlook in relation to the three-dimensional leadership models
  • Learn how to lead highly motivated teams of top performing diverse people
  • Motivate, and manage meaningful change processes
  • Appreciate the importance and meaning of culture
  • Develop your multi-cultural leadership & management skills


The Results

  • Participants will be more effective team leaders
  • Participants will learn how to connect meaningful change initiatives with employees to obtain buy-in that achieves goals
  • Participants will be able to contribute to developing deep benches of competent leaders
  • Incorporating taught skills and techniques into their work behaviour, participants will demonstrate more effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • Participants will be more comfortable managing and leading multi-cultural teams


The Course Content

Module 1: The Three-Dimensions of Leadership: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context

Day One

The Three-Dimensions of Leadership                                                                          

  • Background - The Three-Dimensions of Leadership
  • Mission Matters Most, Rallying Resources & Converting within the Context
  • Understanding the Three-Dimensions of Leadership
  • Dimensional Leadership Characteristics
  • Synthesizing mission, vision and values into strategic initiative
  • Vision Guides, the Good Processes that Lead to Good Outcomes                    


Day Two

Rallying people to provide their potential                             

  • WISE Leadership (What Is Someone Expecting from the Leader)
  • Crafting A Triple-C Culture of Communication, Cooperation and Coordination
  • Getting Synergy from Your Team’s Diversity
  • The Quality of Leadership Determines the Quality of Followership
  • Triple-T Delegation Dynamics
  • 4 Types of Employees & The “Vamployee Diaries” (2 Assessment Models)


Day Three

Developing a 3-D MRC Focused Leadership Development Culture

  • Six Leadership Styles, Theories & 3-D Assessments
  • Selecting the Right Style for the Situation
  • The Mechanics of Leadership Roles: Coaching, Mentoring & Supervising
  • Coaching & Supervising To Achieve The 80/20 Postulate
  • The Evaluation, Mediation and Disciplinary Processes
  • Supervising for Succession to succeed with high Right Quadrant People


Day Four

Leading Change by Getting The Most Mission Focus From Working Relationships

  • Converting within the Context of Core Operational Success Dynamics
  • The 3-M’s of Change Management
  • The Negotiating Nexus
  • People, Politics & Process
  • Building Three-Legged Stools of Understanding
  • Inciting Innovation through the 5 Factors of Out-of-the-Box Thinking


Day Five

Developing & self-assessing your 3-D leadership profile  

  • Executive Essentials
  • Developing A Pattern-Seeing, Problem-Solving Culture
  • Analyzing The Context for Your Organization’s Balanced Scorecard
  • CPR – The Confidence to Pursue Reality to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Finale: The Ultimate Take-A-Ways & Challenge

  • Developing and Assessing Your Three-Dimensional Leadership Profile
  • The Ultimate Leadership Competency: The Three-Dimensional SEM Master!


Module 2: Managing & Leading in Multi-Cultural Workplace: Essential Steps Leading to Success with Diverse Teams

Day Six

The Meaning of Culture

  • Our world today - the importance of demographics
  • What is culture?
  • Dimensions of culture
  • Hofstede’s five value dimensions
  • Understanding globalisation
  • Workplace and organisational culture


Day Seven

The Psychology of Culture

  • Understanding personality
  • Stereotypes and stereotyping
  • Motivation and culture
  • Multi-cultural communication
  • Body-language and culture
  • Multi-cultural negotiation


Day Eight

Leadership & Management

  • Theories of leadership & management
  • Transformational & transactional management
  • Developing a global mindset
  • Culture and strategy
  • Managing in multi-national companies
  • Multi-cultural teams and teamwork


Day Nine

Managing Diverse Employees in a Multi-cultural Workplace

  • The business case for cultural diversity
  • Managerial roles in diversity
  • Discovering cultural advantage
  • Diversity and teams
  • Nationalisation programmes
  • Providing feedback and performance appraisal in a multi-cultural workplace


Day Ten

Current Issues in International Business

  • International assignments and global career development
  • Culture shock and global working
  • International Human Resource issues
  • Culture and decision-making
  • Personal action planning


The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the course.


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