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An intensive professional development training course on

Supply Chain Best Practices

From Concept to Application

The Course

Supply chain professionals continue to be pressured to deliver superior operational results while at the same time reducing costs. This course will explore key concepts and solutions that can be employed to strike the right balance between supply chain responsiveness and the costs required to deliver desired business results. This course will deliver actual cost-saving strategies that participants can take back to their firms to drive real supply chain improvement.

Global trade has brought about proportionally high levels of risk and uncertainty. In turn, this uncertainty creates a risk spiral that is accompanied by increased cost and reduced levels of service. Smart organisations must therefore find ways to manage risk, uncertainty and variability and at the same time, look to reduce cost and improve service.

Highlights of the course include:

  • How to benchmark your supply chain capabilities against the world’s best firms
  • Managing and optimizing your inventory to deliver financial results
  • Unlocking new business value by effectively managing your supply base, including outsourced providers
  • Managing information to deliver supply chain excellence
  • Define, measure, and improve your results Identity, analyse and evaluate supply chain risk
  • Understand the keys aspects in reducing risk
  • Use risk management tools and techniques.


The Structure

This comprehensive programme consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10 Day Training event, or as individual, 5 Day courses.

Module 1 - Supply Chain: Concept, Solution & Application

Module 2 - Supply Chain Risk Management


The Goals

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply a thorough understanding of supply chain activities
  • Analyze the defectiveness of your firm’s supply chain practices
  • Identity, analyse and evaluate supply chain risk
  • Describe the keys aspects in reducing risk
  • Use risk management tools and techniques.


The Delegates

  • Procurement, buyers and purchasing professionals
  • Supply chain professionals
  • Production and manufacturing professionals
  • Logistics, warehouse and distribution professionals
  • All of those who need an understanding of the relationships between risk, cost and service in supply chains.


The Process

Training will involve discussion and lectures leveraging years of hands-on supply chain and experience across industries. The trainer will use real-world challenges and solutions, exercises and case studies and an extensive course manual.


The Benefits

Delegates attending will be able to show and demonstrate the benefits of this course by:

  • Demonstrating the financial results of implementing innovative supply chain concepts
  • Understanding the supply chain operations
  • Use analytical tools to identify supply chain risk
  • Make cost and service improvements
  • Gain a framework for continual improvement.


The Results

Also, as a result of attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Drive positive change in their firm’s supply chain through the application of cross-industry best practices in inventory management, outsourcing, and other disciplines
  • Rationalize and segment the supply base, while implementing strategies to manage and incentivize suppliers
  • Understand the current supply chains
  • Access them for risk and vulnerability
  • Examine how to mitigate risks.


The Course Content

Module 1: Supply Chain: Concept, Solution & Application

Day One

Copy the best: supply chain bench-marking

  • Quantitative vs. qualitative bench-marking
  • Types of process frameworks
  • Bench-marking against process standards
  • Establishing a cross-functional bench-marking team
  • Defining performance gaps
  • Prioritization and developing a performance road map
  • Building the business case for change


Day Two

Unlocking your cash: inventory management and optimization

  • Types of inventory
  • Analyzing and segmenting your inventory: a three-dimensional approach
  • Applying procurement strategies that maximize inventory turns
  • Speeding the cash-to-cash cycle time
  • The financial justification for change

Managing the supply base to unlock new business value

  • Supplier relationship management: strategies, approaches, and tools
  • Segmenting and rationalizing the supply base
  • Supplier collaboration and your company's culture
  • A different approach to cost-cutting
  • Product development and operations: profiting from your suppliers' technical expertise


Day Three

Managing information to deliver supply chain excellence

  • The importance of ERP systems
  • Understanding your company’s IT infrastructure and capabilities
  • Approaches to internal systems integration
  • IT integration with all your suppliers?
  • Normalizing, digitizing, and automating, and accelerating the demand signal


Day Four

A new paradigm for outsourcing

  • Is your relationship transactional or outcome-based?
  • Defining desired outcomes that are measurable
  • Developing an effective outsourcing contract
  • Designing a pricing model that motivates desired behaviors
  • Evaluating cost/service trade-offs
  • Creating a governance structure that works


Day Five

Performance Management: defining, measuring, and improving your results

  • Rationale and approach to performance management
  • Identifying, defining, and tracking your metrics
  • Aligning your metrics with corporate goals: creating a cascading metrics program
  • Incentives and continuous improvement


Module 2: Supply Chain Risk Management

Day Six

Understanding the Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Definitions
  • Customers, competitive advantage and demand
  • The Global Supply Chain
  • Incoterms 3000 and reducing Risk
  • Recognising Risks in the Supply Chain


Day Seven

Identifying Supply Chain Instabilities and Risks

  • Internal supply chain risks
  • PESTLE risks
  • Inventory and financial risks
  • Disruption and security risks
  • Procurement and logistics risks 


Day Eight

Understanding the Risk Spiral, Reducing Supply Chain Risk

  • Consequences, Outcomes
  • Analysing the key drivers of risk
  • Improving visibility and reducing variability
  • Maintaining velocity, Restoring confidence
  • Enabling agility and synchronicity in supply chain
  • Applying Supplier Relationship Management


Day Nine

Using Risk Management Tools and Techniques

  • Risk mitigation matrix and options
  • Risk management principles
  • The role of Procurement and Supply Chain strategy
  • Evaluation and prioritisation of risks
  • Developing a risk management culture
  • Contingency and risk management planning


Day Ten

Rethinking the Supply Chain

  • Supply chain futures and predictions
  • China supply chain effects
  • Reengineering supply chains end to end to minimise risk
  • Organisation development
  • Models for change


The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the course


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