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The Structure

This comprehensive training course consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10-Day Training event, or as individual, 5-Day training courses.

Module 1 - Safety Leadership in the Oil and Gas Industry

Module 2 - Security Management, Planning & Asset Protection

The Course Content

Module 1: Safety Leadership in the Oil and Gas Industry
Day One: Safety Leadership: Roles, Responsibilities and Defining a Safety Culture
  • Introduction: understanding safety critical operations and risks in the oil and gas industry
  • Defining a safety culture in a high hazard, process oil and gas industry
  • Safety Leadership v Safety Management
  • From Technical/Supervisory leader to a Safety Leader: skills and behaviours
  • Understanding behavioural safety concepts and the impact on safety
Day Two: Interpersonal Skills and Behavioural Safety Competency
  • Understanding your own and others behavioural styles
  • ABC model of behavioural change
  • Influencing and negotiating behaviours: skills and techniques
  • Communication skills: questions and listening
  • Situational awareness and human perception
  • Using advanced interpersonal skills to challenge unsafe behaviours or acts
Day Three: Increasing Safety Performance through Teamwork
  • Defining safety performance
  • Setting safety performance criteria and objectives
  • Teamwork: principles and factors
  • Motivational factors to influence safety
  • Understanding ‘‘at risk’’ behaviours (violations and errors)
  • Safety Coaching in the process environment
Day Four: Hazard Identification and Controlling Risks
  • Defining hazard and risk: HAZOP
  • Critical safety hazards within the extraction, process and production environment
  • Risk Assessment: matrix formation
  • Controlling your area: permits, safe systems of work
  • Accident and incident investigation procedures
  • Conducting an accident and incident review meeting
Day Five: Safety Leadership and Developing the Organisational Safety Culture
  • Safety Leadership: the embodiment of safety in the organisation
  • Gaining support and buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Creating and continuing a safety climate and safety culture
  • Continuous safety leadership in the organisation: vision and delivery
  • Commitment to improving workplace safety
  • Next steps
Day Six: Issues of Security Management
  • Strategic and Operation Management
  • The Management of Risk
  • Crime Management and Prevention
  • Management Standards
Day Seven: The Importance of Security Planning
  • Legal Obligations
  • Loss of Reputation
  • Planning and Managing Security Projects
  • Principles of Emergency Response and Recovery
Day Eight: Threats to Assets
  • Understanding Loss
  • Key Point Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Survey – Class exercise
  • Intellectual Property / Computer Security
  • Evacuation Planning
Module 2: Security Management, Planning & Asset Protection
Day Nine: Principals of Asset Protection
  • Physical Security
  • Perimeter Security and Access Control
  • Security Lighting
  • Communication and Control Centres
  • Investigations / Interviewing
  • Special Risks: Terrorism, Kidnap, Bomb Warnings, Search Techniques, Explosives recognition
Day Ten: Implementing Asset Protection Programme
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Mutual Aid
  • Communication Strategies
  • Dealing with the Media

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