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Under Attack

Escalating Crisis & Reputation Challenges

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Why Choose this Training Course?

Growing levels of scrutiny on leaders, both from outside their organizations and within, have made leadership more challenging than ever. This new and dynamic AZTech training course examines the crucial survival factors and techniques that the modern Leader can and must deploy. Social Media means that “everyone” can potentially become an angry journalist. The evidence indicates that global leaders and their organizations are being targeted as never before. Deserved or not, the attacks can be ugly, personal, unfair, and unrelenting.

This AZTech training course will feature:

  • The many qualities of today’s Crisis leader and that teams must master
  • How to implement an effective reputation management strategy
  • Ten ways for Leaders to deal with an angry public
  • The key recommendations for the next generation of Leaders
  • Fourteen characteristics of an effective Crisis Leader
  • Twelve aspirations for mastering new Leadership Challenges

What are the Goals?

By the end of this AZTech training course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop the ten steps the Board should take Before, During and After Crisis
  • Understand why good managers sometimes make poor Crisis Leaders
  • Understand how to remedy any Social Media gap in Crisis Communications
  • Analyse incoming crisis information and deliver a successful press briefing
  • Understand the five deadly Leadership behaviours & the six winning strategies

Who is this Training Course for?

This AZTech training course is ideal for all Leaders, Managers or Team Leaders involved in crisis decision making and will greatly benefit:

  • Public Relations professionals
  • Crisis Management Team members
  • Emergency Response professionals
  • HSSE Professionals

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This training course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes syndicate work, some role play sessions, exercises, facilitated discussion sessions, DVDs, a manual and memory stick containing all the text, slides and handouts.

The Course Content

Day One: Diagnosis of the Issue, Know the Difference Between a Problem, a Crisis and an Attack
  • How to prepare for something that you do not know is going to happen?
  • Alternative facts and fake news implications
  • Consider the difference between Crisis Management & Issues Management
  • How to survive the attack - What type of response is required?
  • The demands of Social Media on the Organization
  • Recent Case Studies
Day Two: Effective Team:3 C´s Co-operation, Co-ordination & Communication
  • Rapid Team building when the problem arrives
  • Ultimate goal of the team, is situation awareness
  • Leadership delegation to the Team
  • Six Social Media musts for crisis communications within the team
  • Six P´s of Team Crisis Management
Day Three: Damage Control Means more than just having to Say Sorry
  • What to do when you or your company has clearly done something wrong
  • How to know if a mistake has been made?
  • How to explain your actions and make amends?
  • Have you caused harm with a deviation from corporate policies?
  • How to avoid battles - Ten ways to avoid conflict
  • In a Crisis situation does personality “Trump” planning
Day Four: The Transition from Line Management to Crisis Management. Decision Making – Solving the Problem
  • Listen and Learn, and Learn to Look and Listen more
  • Decision making psychology as an individual and collectively
  • Fighting for and controlling crisis information with Courage and Determination
  • Nine habits that lead to terrible decisions
  • Controlling and delivering on perceptions
  • Examination of Leadership applications in Past Crises: Successes & Failures
Day Five: Managing the Media - “No Comment” means “We are Guilty”!
  • How to run a difficult Press Conference
  • Essential guidelines and checklists for TV Interviews
  • Implementing a Reputation Management Strategy
  • Case Studies - Those who survived, how did they achieve that?
  • Crisis Communications Exercise – Press conference to a given scenario

The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the training course

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