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An intensive professional development training course on

Leadership Beyond Management

Manage, Lead, & Engage

The Course

What is good leadership and how does someone get to be a leader?  These questions are the focus of this valuable and practical course.  A person can become an effective leader if the desire and willpower to do so is present, but leadership techniques must be learned and practiced in order to inspire others and the techniques do not come naturally.  A person develops good leadership through a never ending process of self-study, education, training and experience. 

Establishing and maintaining an environment of change, a drive for excellence, building trust in communications, creating positive interpersonal interactions and encouraging open work environments is a challenging everyday part of a leader’s life.The purpose of Leadership Bootcamp is to assist persons at all levels in developing or enhancing their ability to lead others and get extraordinary results through people.

Key Elements of the course include:

  • A focus on the development and use of productive leadership practices;
  • Practical skills to enhance the work in a job;
  • Developing insights needed to adapt techniques to a work environment;
  • An examination of practices that characterize exemplary leaders;
  • And practice on techniques that demonstrate successful leadership.


The Goals

As a result of attending this course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of leadership in one’s work;
  • Distinguish a personal role as an effective leader in an organization;
  • Practice skill in leadership principles of change, organizational excellence, communications, empowerment and interpersonal relationships;
  • Use strategies for creating a positive work environment that fosters leadership, a commitment to continuous improvement in others, communication and human interaction;
  • Support and evaluate the need and value of diversity among members of a work group.


The Delegates

The course is designed for persons who:

  • desire to learn practical leadership skills to enhance development of productive work teams;
  • want to enhance their professional leadership skills working with others;
  • want to learn and practice leadership skills;
  • desire to learn techniques to lead others in a productive work environment.


The course is appropriate for those in current management positions who desire to enhance their skills, new management professionals and for anyone who has an interest in a management position in any type of organization or industry.


The Process

This Bootcamp course will develop and reinforce a delegate’s practical skills, knowledge, and abilities.  The course is presented in a highly inter-active style with individual and small and large group activities.  Course learning activities include case studies, videos, practice and discussion to reinforce learning.   A major learning activity consists of delegates sharing ideas and anecdotes that the group can use to learn from real-life situations.  Delegates will learn techniques and have opportunities to practice them in the course. 


The Benefits

As a result of attending this course, delegates will benefit by being able to:

  • Describe leadership techniques they can use in their professional career;
  • Create a visionary and positive interpersonal environment for leadership of self and others;
  • Apply their personal leadership skills to maximize their potential;
  • Formulate a personal leadership plan to maintain positive relationships with all stakeholders;
  • Use life leadership skills to enhance their future professional life.


The Results

By sending delegates to attend this course, the organization will:

  • Practice enhanced leadership techniques to lead others in all work areas;
  • Extend and improve productivity with others by using successful leadership techniques;
  • Operate a leadership oriented work environment with stakeholders;
  • Apply positive interpersonal relationship skills which enhance leadership;
  • Create and support a culture of leadership that enhances excellence.


The Course Content

Day One

Leadership – What Is It and What Are the Basics?

  • Challenges people face in changing organizations
  • Conditions in workthat require leadership
  • The role of productive team leadership in dynamic organizations
  • Understanding the role of strategic change in leadership

Teamwork Exercise: Identification of leadership skills

  • How leadership skills change as roles change in an organization

Teamwork Exercise:  Identifying and modeling leadership characteristics

  • Strategic change as a leadership skill


Day Two

Leadership – How Is Excellence Developed?

  • The role of team leadership in development of leadership excellence
  • Developing a culture of organizational excellence

Teamwork Exercise: Leading stakeholders

  • What are successful leaders doing that make a difference
  • The role of versatility in pursuit of leadership excellence

Teamwork Exercise:  Determining versatility

  • The role of emotional intelligence in leadership

Teamwork Exercise:  Emotional intelligence indicator

  • Using emotional intelligence in work with others

Teamwork Exercise:  Raising our EQ


Day Three

Leadership – Communications is 90% of Your Job

  • Importance of leadership and communication methods
  • Interpersonal communication is vital for successful leadership

Group Discussion:  Becoming aware of communication “noise”

  • Understanding the difference in interpersonal communication preferences
  • Developing active listening for leadership

Teamwork Exercise:  Active listening skills demonstration

  • Communication of leadership empowerment to team members
  • Synergy in team communication

Teamwork Exercise:  Why working as a team allows for better decisions 


Day Four

Leadership – Demonstrating Productive Personal Interactions

  • Successful interpersonal interaction develops trust in teams
  • Identification of the personal leadership style

Teamwork Exercise:  Difference between how we respond styles

  • Individual strengths and challenges of leadership style

Teamwork Exercise:  Difference between decision making styles

  • Team strengths and challenges in interpersonal interactions
  • Understanding how teams work better using diverse interaction types
  • Developing a personal leadership plan to work with others

Teamwork Exercise:  Determining our leadership styles


Day Five

Leadership – Change and Dealing with Others in Making Change

  • Leading personal change in our teams
  • Understanding problems inherent with change in individuals and teams

Teamwork Exercise:  Identifying styles of our colleagues

  • Avoiding critical change mistakes
  • Identifying perceptions of change in a team

Group Discussion:  Process of change for ourselves and our organizations

  • Preparing project team and individuals for change


The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the course.


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