An intensive professional development training course on

Job Mastery & Performance

Teaching & Training Adults for Job Performance

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Why Choose this Training Course?

Professional Recognition and Accreditation

  • This is an HR Certification Institute (HRCI) Pre-Approved Programme*


The Course

This highly engaging programme focuses on developing all the essentials required to enable those teaching and training adults to fully perform. The programme defines how job performance is managed and focuses on the delivery of process, knowledge based, behavioural and skill improvement programmes.

This is a fast paced and highly rewarding programme. Participants will explore adult learning and review design and delivery techniques to ensure maximum recall.

Leaders experience situations which call for motivating, coaching, correcting, counselling or solving problems with their people. Participants will identify and master techniques that establish a more productive work force using these concepts.


The Goals

  • Recognise how adults learn at work
  • Construct learning opportunities for maximum knowledge transfer and recall
  • Apply the art and science of improving employees’ performance
  • Compose effective personal development plans
  • Examine the methods of evaluating and coaching for higher performance


The Delegates

This programme will benefit anyone who needs to understand more about Teaching and Training Adults for Job Performance. It will benefit all work professionals, team leaders, supervisors and managers. It will also help prepare professionals for their first people management position.


The Process

The highly skilled course manager will lead from the front, demonstrating the techniques and allowing delegates to experience them first hand. Coaching will be provided to all delegates as an aid to self-development and also as a tool they can transfer to their own training sessions. Designed for maximum transfer of learning in the given time, this course truly examples high performance training techniques.


The Benefits

  • Apply new practical skills in people development
  • Use best practice practical skills in performance management
  • Examine the best methods of learning to deliver increased job performance
  • Review learning opportunities for self and others
  • Grasp the skills and knowledge necessary to motivate others


The Results

  • Plan improvements in job performance
  • Develop and improve the learning culture
  • Change employee engagement and commitment to perform
  • Show how all staff can be competent to perform their jobs
  • Demonstrate positive impact on organisational, individual and team performance


The Course Content

Day One: Performing at Work
  • Introducing the 4 key stages of managing performance
  • The practices on which effective performance management is built
  • The responsibilities of the individual and management
  • Setting the standards – behavioural and performance
  • How can we define good performance?
  • Agreeing goals and objectives
  • Knowledge, Skill, Attitude and Behaviour and introducing the Competency approach
  • Considering Corporate Culture (Video)
Day Two: Adult Learning
  • Adult learning for work and Learning styles, including self-assessment questionnaire
  • Conscious Competence Model
  • Methods of enabling learning and whole loop learning
  • Transferring learning to the job including the effective use of coaching and giving feedback
  • Johari Window
  • The training cycle
  • Ensuring recall
  • Delegate Motivation
Day Three: Training and Skill Mastery
  • The need for Continuous Improvement
  • Training or Development – defining both
  • Identifying Competencies to meet current job requirements
  • Determining learning objectives and personal development options
  • Designing training for recall and behavioural change, knowledge transfer methods
  • The importance of Pre and Post course evaluations
  • Measuring the results of a training intervention
  • Effective use of Development Plans
Day Four: Managing Performance at Work
  • Purpose,characteristics and use of the Performance Appraisal
  • The Annual Performance Review process
  • Collecting data (Performance and Behavioural) for the Appraisal
  • Setting and agreeing Quantitative v Qualitative Objectives - SMART Objectives
  • Behaviours are important too – how the job gets done. Setting standards for behaviours at work
  • Measuring progress against objectives
  • Regular performance monitoring and assessment techniques
  • Formal management of poor performance – the disciplinary process
Day Five: Improving Job Performance
  • Performance Discussions (Behaviour-based)
  • How to address any performance gaps
  • The effectiveness of “Ask” rather than “Tell” (Video)
  • Coaching Methods – the GROW Model and The characteristics of a coaching session
  • Motivational and Developmental feedback
  • Giving and receiving regular on-the-job feedback
  • Recognition of Good Performance and motivational feedback
  • Identifying and responding to underperformance

The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the course.
  • The HRCI Approved Provider Seal and the corresponding Recertification Credit Hours Awarded will be reflected in the Certificate of Completion.


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