An intensive professional development training course on

Inclusive Leadership:
The Power of Workplace Diversity

Developing the Skills to Promote High-Performance
and Innovation in your Organisation

27-31 May 2024
26-30 Aug 2024
28 Oct-01 Nov 2024
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Why Choose this Training Course?

Every organization must utilize diversity and inclusion for it to be viable and successful. Its progress will be fueled by individuals who are made to feel completely at home, respected, valued, and included by their coworkers and their organizations. Put simply, inclusion works.

The inclusive leader creates a work environment where everyone is treated fairly and with respect, has equal access to opportunities and resources, and can fully contribute to the success of the organization.

Training can have a substantial positive influence, especially when it focuses on awareness and skill development and takes place over a long period of time, as has been shown by more than 30 years of research. We have tailored this interactive “Inclusive Leadership” training course for managers and leaders at all levels.

This online training course will feature:

  • The making of the inclusive leader
  • Understanding diversity & inclusion
  • Developing Your Cultural Intelligence (CI)
  • Overcoming the barriers to inclusive leadership
  • The leadership of change

What are the Goals?

By the end of this online training course, participants will be able to:

  • List the characteristic of inclusive leadership
  • Utilise a variety of methods to improve inclusion in your workplace
  • List the best ways to embed workplace culture for change
  • Apply solutions to lead in the area of diversity and inclusion
  • Manage resistance and obstacles to change

Who is this Training Course for?

This AZTech online training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • All Leaders, Managers & Supervisors
  • Anyone involved in change leadership
  • Human resource (HR) Professionals
  • Any professional who needs to develop their skills in inclusive leadership

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This AZTech online training course will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. Dynamic presentations support each topic together with interactive trainer lead discussion sessions. There will also be practical sessions where participants can participate, and experience topics taught.  Case studies, videos, small group work, exercises and feedback will facilitate learning and provide a fun and energising learning environment.

The Course Content

Day One: Understanding and Applying Inclusive Leadership
  • The difference between management and leadership
  • The essential competencies of an inclusive leader
  • Understanding the core elements of diversity and inclusion
  • The seven levels of culture (national, work, gender, age, region, religious, occupation)
  • Overcoming the barriers to inclusive leadership
Day Two: Solutions for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Cultural Intelligence (CI) and Inclusive Leadership
  • Working with the younger generations (Y and Z)
  • Understanding stereotypes and biases
  • Mitigating unconscious bias
  • Success stories from leading organisations
Day Three: Applying Change Leadership
  • The difference between change management and change leadership
  • Change at the individual, team, and organisational level
  • Best practice model for change leadership
  • The five psychological phases of change and their effective management
  • Overcoming resistance to change
Day Four: Promoting Innovation and Creativity
  • What is innovation, and where does it come from
  • What we know about culture and innovation
  • Becoming innovative
  • Introduction to Disruptive Innovation (DI)
  • Understanding the power of creativity
Day Five: Challenges to Inclusive Leadership
  • Ways to change ‘outdated’ company culture
  • Embedded practices that may need to be removed
  • Practices for developing yourself as a “self-aware” Leader
  • Looking ahead – the future of D&I
  • Personal action planning

The Certificate

  • AZTech Certificate of e-Completion for delegates who attend and complete the training course

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