An intensive professional development training course on

Implementing your Strategic Vision
through Practical Planning

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Why Choose this Training Course?

The Structure

This comprehensive training course consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10-Day Training event, or as individual, 5-Day training courses.

Module 1 - Practical Business Planning

Module 2 - Leadership & Strategic Impact

The Course Content

Module 1: Practical Business Planning
Day One: Introduction and Background
  • Introduction – planning as leadership
  • Business Planning as a cross-business process – “Train hard, fight easy!”
  • Bottom-up and Top-down planning approaches
  • Resources and facilities required for successful planning
  • Financial Planning and Business Planning
  • The importance of practical delivery – “where the rubber meets the road!”
Day Two: The Planning Workshop – Walk-through of the “Fishbone”© Method
  • Using the Fishbone© approach to shape the problem for an imaginary client described in student case study material
  • Appraisal of the plan start point
  • Formulation of the desired end-state
  • Analysis of the “terrain of travel”
  • Planning for Effectiveness
  • Planning for Efficiency
Day Three: Using the Planner’s Toolkit
  • Porter’s Five Forces analysis
  • SWOT and Force-field analysis
  • The Boston Matrix
  • The Ansoff Matrix
  • The Communications Matrix©
  • The Balanced Scorecard
Day Four: Plan Delivery through Projects
  • PRINCE2 programme/project management
  • Plan delivery and governance
  • Engaging and motivating the organization’s resources
  • Business Planning as part of Total Quality Management and “Lean”
  • Measurement and Display
  • Building a planning culture
Day Five: From Concept to Practical Reality
  • Communicating the plan to stakeholders
  • Stepping stones, trip-ups and milestones
  • Resourcing the projects
  • Monitoring and celebrating success
  • Continuous improvement of the process
  • The “proof of the pudding”
Day Six: Strategic Challenges Faced by Leaders
  • Strategy Development and Strategic Planning
  • Understanding Stakeholder Interests – A Compromise
  • Life cycles: business, product, market
  • Achieving business sustainability, the value chain
  • Popular strategy tools - understanding their limits
  • Understanding the business environment
Day Seven: New Approaches to Strategy Development
  • Strategizing is a process
  • Strategy Tools: imagining possible futures
  • Examples: how CEO’s use strategy tools
  • Zoom in, zoon out – information needed for emergent, agile strategies
  • Red & Blue Ocean strategies – role of competitors
  • Innovation: Attitudes to failure
Module 2: Leadership & Strategic Impact
Day Eight: Strategic Leaders: Influence and Communication
  • Vision, Mission and Values – just words?
  • Elements of strategic management
  • Globalisation and its impact on Strategy Formulation
  • Tactics for securing and keeping customers
  • Communicating priorities and objectives
  • Using influence to achieve outcomes
Day Nine: What you Measure is What you Get
  • Using the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic measurement tool
  • Strategy mapping
  • Developing KPI’s to deliver corporate objectives
  • Measuring past performance, predicting future results
  • Business processes, management reviews and improvement opportunities
  • People plus data, leads to understanding, knowledge and tactics
Day Ten: Personal Challenge - Plan to Act
  • Planning, the key to better outcomes
  • Addressing barriers to action
  • Gaining commitment
  • Leading teams
  • Team exercise – making decisions, taking action
  • Reflections on learning, personal development plans

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