An intensive professional development training course on

Developing Talent for
Sustainable Leadership

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Why Choose this Training Course?

The Structure

This comprehensive training course consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10-Day Training event, or as individual, 5-Day training courses.

Module 1 - Sustainable Leadership

Module 2 - Developing Leadership Talent

The Course Content

Module 1: Sustainable Leadership
Day One: Why Sustainability
  • The history of sustainability
  • Leadership of business sustainability
  • Stakeholder expectations
  • Leading sustainable operating systems
  • Company policies & Organisational structures
  • Leadership tools and methodology of sustainability
Day Two: Driving Sustainability
  • Competitive advantage
  • Market share & value
  • Leading motivation: autonomy, mastery & purpose
  • Leadership planning & strategy development 
  • Achieving sustainable goals and indicators
  • Sustainability reporting and communications
Day Three: Line One - Profit
  • Tools and concepts for profit sustainability
  • Leadership acumen
  • Understanding market opportunities
  • Green products
  • Supply Chain & Kaizen policies
  • Case Studies from around the world
Day Four: Line Two - People
  • Tools and concepts for people sustainability
  • Transformational & Sustainable leadership
  • Team cohesion for sustainable productivity
  • Managing effective & efficient teams
  • Sustaining the community
  • Case Studies from around the world
Day Five: Line Three - Planet
  • Tools and concepts for planet sustainability
  • Transparency of reporting
  • Leading in community
  • Ethical resourcing
  • Kaizen – waste reduction - recycling
  • Case Studies from around the world
Module 2: Developing Leadership Talent
Day Six: Awakening the Leader Within  
  • The exceptional leader; philosophies to pragmatism
  • Today’s potential is tomorrows leadership
  • Managing the paradox of leadership and identifying challenges
  • Leadership stories: Grounded experience of success and failure
  • Evaluation current competence and identifying development needs
  • Authenticity and Integrity: ethical leadership in a “sceptical” age
Day Seven: The Crisis of Leadership in the 21st Century
  • Changing times &  changing leadership: entrepreneurial role models
  • The organisational imperative; growing your own leadership
  • Millennials matter; changing workforce dynamics, and expectations
  • Leading diverse populations and personalities
  • Personal motivation and disposition: why do you want to lead?
  • Why should others follow? Crafting the emotionally intelligent leader
Day Eight: Leading the Exceptional Team
  • Perfect mix or Appreciative Inquiry
  • Striving towards the high performing model
  • Evaluating current individual and team performance
  • Utilizing “collective wisdom” for performance and results
  • Flexible Leadership: style, impact and outcomes
  • Understanding strategy and building strategic alignment
Day Nine: Generating New Ideas and Direction
  • Decision making: balancing the thinking dimensions
  • Using Soft Systems Methodology for organisational development
  • A Solution Focused approach to change management and problem solving
  • Identifying and leading change: current practice and performance gaps
  • The “Creative” leader: lessons from history and nature
  • Popular trends; from “Design Thinking” to “DO IT “solutions
Day Ten: Motivating Tools for Competitive Edge
  • Setting Audacious Targets: the Pygmalion principle
  • Motivational Dialogues for Leadership
  • The POSITIVE Coaching Model: peer coaching for committed action
  • Networking for Success and Cross-Cultural Management
  • Walking into the Future: NLP tactics to developing your career strategy
  • Review, Feedback and Closing Statements: commitment and intent

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