An intensive professional development training course on

Contract Management Essentials

How to Get the Results You Need from your Contractors, Suppliers and Vendors

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Why Choose this Training Course?

The Structure

This comprehensive training course consists of five modules which can be booked as a 5-Day Online Training event, or as individual, 1-Day online training courses.

Module 1: Contract Essentials – Managing Supplier Performance

Module 2: Contract Essentials – Resolving Disputes When Things Go Wrong

Module 3: Contract Essentials – Contract Tools to Manage Commercial Risk

Module 4: Contract Essentials – Negotiating to Keep Your Contracts Fresh

Module 5: Contract Essentials – a Role for Public Private Partnerships after the Crisis

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This training course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.  The course will be supported by an online platform allowing full, interactive participation from delegates in a virtual workshop.

The Course Content

Module 1: Contract Essentials – Managing Supplier Performance
  • Principles of managing performance
  • Starting out with a shared approach to performance and results
  • Using Service Level Agreements to document performance standards
  • Selecting Key Performance Indicators and Scorecards
  • How does performance management differ from one contract to another?
  • Reviewing performance with the contractor
  • Contractual levers to get performance back on track
Module 2: Contract Essentials – Resolving Disputes When Things Go Wrong
  • Understanding the contract tools at your disposal
  • Negotiation principles - a first option when disputes are near
  • Protecting the organisation with bonds and guarantees
  • Dispute boards and other typical methods used in construction contracts
  • Using mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method
  • Getting an independent expert to help the parties
  • When and how is arbitration the answer?
  • What about litigation?
Module 3: Contract Essentials – Contract Tools to Manage Commercial Risk
  • Identifying, analysing and mitigating contractor-based risk
  • The contract document development process
  • Using standard contract templates: FIDIC, NEC and other models
  • Important Contract terms and conditions, including
    • Default / contract breach
    • Suspension and Termination
    • Assignment and sub-contracting restrictions
    • Force Majeure
    • Exclusion and limitation of liability
    • Indemnity and insurance clauses
    • Liquidated damages and penalty clauses
Module 4: Contract Essentials – Negotiating to Keep Your Contracts Fresh
  • Why do contracts need to change and how do we achieve change?
  • How to develop a negotiation strategy in difficult times
  • Setting Goals and Objectives for contract negotiation
  • Distributive and Integrative negotiation styles
  • Identifying underlying interests – the key to success
  • The skills you need for successful negotiation
  • Using 3rd Parties to help broker a deal
Module 5: Contract Essentials – a Role for Public Private Partnerships after the Crisis
  • What is a public private partnership and what problems does it try to address?
  • How do PPPs differ from other mega-projects for infrastructure?
  • What is and is not a PPP?
  • Typical PPP structures
  • How does the finance work in a PPP?
  • What are the major risks in setting up and operating a PPP?
  • How can we measure the benefits from using a public private partnership?
  • What happens when the PPP contract ends?

The Certificate

  • An AZTech e-Certificate will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the online training course

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