Date: 22 Jun 2020

Time: 12:00 PM Asia/Dubai [GMT 4]

Duration: 1 hr

What is the best way to motivate, manage, and organize yourself and others in these challenging times caused by Covid-19?

The answer is by learning and applying the seven proven principles explained in this webinar. These simple ideas can instantly change how you think, work, and react. In this inspiring workshop, we will share with you the best techniques to:

  • Get started on things and keep focused
  • Get more done and be disciplined
  • Smile and stay positive every day

Whether you are working for yourself, a company, in between jobs or studying this event will provide value. The insights provided will help you to improve your daily routine, mental resilience, and energy levels.

This webinar will feature

  • Understanding the effect of lockdown and isolation on personal productivity
  • Strategies for creating a more pro-active approach to managing yourself and your staff
  • Identifying signs and signals for worry and anxiety and practical ways to reduce them
  • Building a positive view of the future through small daily habits and activities
  • How to set goals and objectives in a post-covid-19 world

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