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Do you really understand the importance of an effective and dynamic Supply Chain?

September 13, 2017 

According to Forbes, on 27 July 2017, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with a fortune of $90.6 billion, became the first person to top a net worth of $90 billion.  Not bad considering when Amazon started only 23 years’ ago, it only sold books.  Amazon now offers everything from soup to nuts!  At some point in the near future, 85% of the world’s products will be available on Amazon.

A major part of this astonishing success story is because of the innovative methods and focus on customer service and investment in the supply chain.  Amazon has excellent vendor relationships and has grasped the importance of speedy shipping earlier than many rivals and invested accordingly. With more than 100 warehouses in the US alone, it has kept accelerating its delivery – from 48 hours, to next day, to the evening of the same day. 

Amazon’s supply chain process is simple, yet effective. This is Supply Chain Management at its beststates supply chain expert and international trainer Peter Doyle, “if only organizations understood the importance of an effective and dynamic supply chain, then they will benefit greatly from reduced costs, higher profits, less wastage and excellent customer service”.

The supply chain, logistics and procurement professionals attending this highly informative and interactive course in Dubai this week are totally focused on learning best practice methods that delivers superior operational results for their organizations.  Not only are they learning new methods, they are being focused on:

  • Collaborative supply chain strategies
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of their organization’ supply chain practices
  • How to determine the right levels of stock to be held
  • Stock and inventory control methods
  • The importance of the integrated supply chain
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Creating and outside-in, not inside-out supply chain
  • Dynamic supply chain planning
  • Understanding and managing the real time risks within the supply chain

The course finishes on Thursday 14th September and the delegates will be making a formal presentation to their trainer based on an interactive Team Assignment they have been working on and they must demonstrate their knowledge and level of learning, especially in the critical areas of:

  • Supply chain strategy
  • Understanding of clients’ and end users’ requirements
  • Stock control and management initiatives
  • Vendor selection strategy
  • Logistics and planning strategy
  • Supplier Relationship Management Strategy
  • Supply chain risk strategy

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