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Performance Measurement, Continuous Improvement & Productivity

May 30, 2018 

AZTech have recently updated their popular Management & Leadership training course for 2018.  The title of the course is “Performance Measurement, Continuous Improvement & Productivity: Achieving Strategic Alignment in Lean and Agile environments”.  This is a new name to reflect the fact that they have updated the course design and content with the latest research findings and evidence in the field of performance management.

This is a fast-changing area due to the development of new management approaches that have an impact on performance management.  These new developments require performance measures that can be developed and applied in traditional functional hierarchies as well as emerging organisations in fast changing industries.

In practice, this means that performance measures, both individually and as integrated sets, have to be adapted to work in Lean and Agile projects and processes so that relevant performance data can be generated, collected and analyzed very fast if necessary.

This revised and improved Management & Leadership training course shows how to improve productivity by combining two key performance management areas:

  • Performance Measurement, and
  • Continuous Improvement

with Lean and Agile methods to achieve dramatic improvements in business productivity and performance.

Originally led by Japanese organizations, many International Companies are now enhancing their performance measures and integrating them with Lean and Agile techniques to drive productivity and therefore Shareholder Value.

Exceptional Performance Management is a hallmark of successful organizations. However, it does not exist in isolation. As competitive pressures have increased, new management methods have emerged in response.

In recent years, organisations have dealt with performance issues in operations by adopting Lean methods.  Agile methods were developed to try to address the delays and cost overruns that are all too common features of many projects.  Today’s challenge is to understand how they impact each other and integrate them to deliver optimal performance and productivity.

There are proven approaches to enhancing productivity that recognize the importance of human factors to productivity measurement and enhancement.  The most successful approaches involve a dedicated design team selected from the departments, projects or functions involved. 

The top-level measures required to track progress with strategy implementation are often different to the lower level process and project KPIS.  However, even though they are different, they must remain aligned.

Selecting the ‘vital few’ strategic measures is very important, but by themselves they aren’t enough.  They also need to integrate with each other and form a strategically aligned set of measures with the supporting infrastructure to generate, capture, analyse and store performance data to analyse and compare with the relevant targets.

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