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Barcelona: Complete Management Programme

September 17, 2018 

Last week, yet another programme of The Complete Course on Management got underway.

Delegates traveled from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and even Kazakhstan, to attend this highly successful course, each with a clear goal to improve their management practice and offer greater value to their organisation.

Presenting an in-depth appreciation of the core principles of effective management, the programme highlights the need for managers to fine tune their people skills. It has two guiding themes

  1. That it is essential for managers to understand themselves effectively before they can begin to manage others and
  2. Only by illustrating the unique nature of people and their personalities, can a manager begin to appreciate and harness the power of diversity in their organisation.

To accommodate this learning robust psychometrics are utilised to recognise both strengths and areas that may need development; in so doing each delegate sets their own personal agenda for progression and improvement.

Many aspects of management practice and the pursuit of continuous improvement are explored in detail and delegates will leave equipped with a wide range of tools and techniques designed to engage and motivate their people. Areas covered include:

  • Management style and its impact on others
  • Building rapport and emotional intelligence
  • The power of delegation as a tool for progression
  • Managing conflict and change productively
  • Managing and leading “high performing teams”
  • Identifying the team’s ROI (return of investment) and its contribution to the organisation profitability model.

The week closed with strategies for creative problem solving through collaboration and the power of “collective wisdom”. Delegate were encouraged to think both a little more creatively about the management issues they encounter. In this respect the vibrant city of Barcelona, formed a fitting backdrop to this learning intervention. With its striking alternative architecture and an array modernistic art gallery, the city encouraged us to appreciate diversity and accept the challenge of understanding alternative perspectives.

Click here to learn more about the course “The Complete Course on Management“.

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