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AZTech rolls out updated Training Plan 2017

December 18, 2016 

Exciting New Training Courses and Global Venues added to Existing Portfolio.  

AZTech Training and Consultancy, a Provider of Leading Edge Learning Solutions, unveiled its recently updated Training Plan 2017. The portfolio of over 400 courses is now listed online and features quality assured trainings conducted by International experts, held at strategic global locations.  

“We constantly focus at providing trainings solutions that generate clear results and this experience sets the foundation of our long term training partnership with our clients. Our commitment to professionals at all levels, across various industry sectors is an ongoing one – and we are pleased to share their continued growth and success. Our 2017 Training Plan includes some new training courses and outstanding venues that will complement our existing training portfolio”, said Dr. Moutaz K., Training Director, AZTech Training and Consultancy.

The 2017 Training Plan includes a wide range of program categories offering Strategy, Management & Leadership, Administrative Support, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Contracts Management, Procurement & Materials Management, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Power, Utilities & Energy, Maintenance Management, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Health, Safety & Security and Public Relations training courses.

In addition to some of our most popular training locations such as London – UK, Amsterdam – The Netherlands, Geneva – Switzerland, Barcelona – Spain, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Vienna – Austria, Dubai – UAE, Istanbul – Turkey, the 2017 training courses will also be held at San Fransisco – USA, Munich – Germany, Zurich – Switzerland, Luanda – Angola, Cape Town – South Africa and Zurich – Switzerland.   

For a comprehensive listing of the 2017 Training Plan and training venues, please click:

www.aztechtraining.com/training-plan-2017 and www.aztechtraining.com/training-plan/training-courses-by-venue


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AZTech is a leading international provider of training courses, seminars, workshops, programs, conferences, and in-house training. AZTech Training is all about ensuring that our delegates get Quality Assured Training and this commitment to delivering the best possible learning experience is demonstrated by our continuous working relationship with 13 of the world’s leading professional governing and certifying bodies.  Our clients include some of the world’s largest organizations as well as new and developing companies. No organization is too large or too small for AZTech to add value. Visit us at www.aztechtraining.com

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