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Aztech adds new courses in Business Planning and Process Understanding

August 27, 2017 

Two hot topics in modern business thinking have been added to the Aztech stable of courses for 2017 & 2018 with the addition of programmes on Business Planning and on Business Processes.

Business Planning

“Train hard – fight easy” is the military maxim with an important lesson for business leaders – time spent in planning business activity and the coordination of business programmes pays off in making the organisation better able to deal with novelty and challenge.

As the famous Prussian General, von Moltke, observed “no plan survives first contact with the enemy”, but the point of planning is not that it can ever predict the exact course of events – but that it gets individual and teams to think about scenarios and their business responses to them.

By thinking through and analysing what might happen, or what they want to happen, and the response that the organisation needs to make, business leaders are doing vitally important “thought-experiments” which prepare them, and thus their teams, for the novelty and challenges that the organisation faces.

The “what if?” aspect of planning is complemented by the equally important requirement to think through the logistics of effective response. In this perspective, it’s vital to work out what resources need to be available to allow the business to succeed, and what projects need to be completed for the business to be able to respond as leaders would wish.

The Practical Business Planning course explores the importance of these complementary perspectives and provides a practical and robust model for effective business planning.

Understanding Business Processes

 “Functions are dysfunctional without a holistic perspective” – many businesses have failed and disappeared because they lost sight of the need to break out of the silo thinking that functional structures were built on.

While it is well understood that businesses are made up of functions which provide the mechanism for specialist thinking to be developed and perfected, it is vital for business leaders to understand the risk that “a way of seeing things is a way of not seeing things”. Functional perspectives cannot be allowed to become “blinkers” which make functional specialists see the world through their lenses alone.

The business process perspective taught on this “Understanding Business Processes” course recognises the importance of functional expertise but stresses the importance of cross-functional processes which enable organisations to meet customer requirements through combining the efforts of different functions in “end-to-end” processes.

Both of these new courses will be taught by Geoff Llewellyn whose broad business experience of leading UK public sector and private sector teams from the BBC to the Royal Mail and leading IT businesses such as Siemens and Wipro, enables him to illustrate principles from practical experience.

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