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Leadership Excellence in Handling Pressure & Stress

August 16, 2018  

In Istanbul last week, Winston Chew delivered a very dynamic presentation, excellent leadership skills in handling pressure and stress. This course inspired and empowered professionals, and those searching for direction, to discover, design and deliver their best-self within their organisations and circles of influence. Using science-based approaches, mind altering technique, and behaviour-modifying knowledge and experience,… Read More

AZTech Debunks One of the Stereotypes: Encourages Women to Break through the Ceiling

July 16, 2018  

Dubai, UAE – AZTech, a leading provider of interpersonal & organizational development solutions bolstered its repertoire and has recently launched one of its women-empowering training courses “Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling”. The course aims to invalidate the myth on unequal/limited opportunities influenced heavily by gender superiority and roles. It promotes the ideation that the seemingly… Read More

AZTech Launches “Mind, Attitude & Motivation Power” as the New Title of Value-Based Leadership through Positive Dynamics

June 12, 2018  

10 June 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates  AZTech Training and Consultancy, a Provider of Leading Edge Learning Solutions, has recently updated the outline of one of its life-changing training courses – Value-Based Leadership through Positive Dynamics, and changed its title to Mind, Attitude & Motivation Power: Personal Empowerment for Professional Success.  Mr. Gerald Bradley, the… Read More

Performance Measurement, Continuous Improvement & Productivity

May 30, 2018  

AZTech have recently updated their popular Management & Leadership training course for 2018.  The title of the course is “Performance Measurement, Continuous Improvement & Productivity: Achieving Strategic Alignment in Lean and Agile environments”.  This is a new name to reflect the fact that they have updated the course design and content with the latest research… Read More

AZTech has officially launched ‘Train the Trainer’ training course

April 26, 2018  

2018 session to be held in Dubai, U.A.E.       AZTech Training and Consultancy, a Provider of Leading Edge Learning Solutions, unveiled its “Train the Trainer” course for 2018. The course aims at providing trainers with the knowledge and skills required to design and deliver their training sessions. According to instructor Mr. Mohammad Al Azah, learners… Read More

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