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Why it is Important to Understand Big Data Concepts?

April 12, 2018 By Sasa Kocic, Senior AZTech Consultant

Industry and academia professionals attended a new course “ The Complete Course on Data Science and Big Data Analytics ” organised by training leader AZTech in Dubai last March to learn the concepts of Big Data analytics, use of R programming package and additional tools for harvesting and analysis of Big Data – and how to implement it in their respected roles.

Big Data is all around us, the technological advances and increased mobility of people has made literally any device used by the people as the generator of Big Data. This has in turn changed the way how business need to make their decisions, even created a totally new job positions like Data Scientists and Data Analysts. Computer programming is no longer the secret trade practiced by the few, now anybody who is working in the decision making position needs fast and accurate tools for data gathering, analysis and visualization in order to be able to make adequate decisions in constant changing environment. People need to learn how to convert large data lakes into useful information and apply it for the improvement of processes and services.

It is true that many companies are trying to adopt Big Data concepts, however, as the report on the use of data in oil companies indicate only 1% of the data gathered is actually used, therefore adequate knowledge of Big Data principles can turn the companies from followers into leaders, and help them overcome their competition by actually using the data they gather.

Also, the course covers the downsides of Big Data, and also the recent negative issues related to privacy, and the ways to avoid pitfalls related to it.

The principles covered are actually a mix of strategy and Big Data projects life cycle and they cover:

  • Time
    • What is the influence of time on our data analytics and how the results change in very short time? Delegates are actually performing the sentiment analysis using the R software and are guided to realise that the sentiment can change by the time we have finished running the code in the software.
  • Place
    • The principles of data gathering related to the area of research, and how to avoid the trap of “one size fits all” approach.
  • Competitors
    • How to analyse and compare their data with those of competition, how to plan for the possible influences of competition on their own market and how to foresee the possible manoeuvres of their competitors.
  • Circumstances
    • How to plan for the emergency situations, effects of sudden changes in the business and other environment and how to recover after the initial impact.
  • Opportunities
    • How to realise and exploit the opportunities identified through the Big Data insights, how to “cherish the moment”.

All these principles are put into action through the data analytics using the open source R software, and through the guided examples of using K-mean, Logistics regression, Apriori algorithms, Decision Trees, Sentiment analysis and effective data visualization techniques.

Adequate to the nature of the course delegates code and keep the developed code for the mentioned analytics techniques. And are also provided a free learning edition of anly Logic and any Logistics software which is using the principles of Big Data, Machine learning, as well as deep learning.

Be the ones actually using the power of Big Data, instead of the ones gathering the data for the sake of gathering.

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