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The Leadership Challenge: Inspire, Enable & Encourage

June 12, 2018 By Mr. Rodger Pyrah, Senior AZTech Consultant

Are you sitting comfortably?

Do you rely on your past experiences to achieve your business objectives?

Well, look outside your ‘comfort zone’ window. The world has changed whilst you were getting comfortable and what’s more it is still changing as you read this article.

Now, today and every day, more than at any time in the past, leaders must challenge themselves at every opportunity. This AZTech Leadership Challenge: Inspire, Enable & Encourage training course will ‘shake’ you out of your comfort zone experience and is aimed to challenge you to be the very best leader you can be, working on your ability to inspire, enable and encourage.

The competitive pressures, recent economic cycles, and resource constraints are forcing organisations to improve the way they operate. Consequently diligent leaders are increasingly aware that to stay in existence and thrive, they have to innovate, focus on the customer, and develop capabilities and goods or services that give them some form of competitive advantage.

Leadership is not just about leaders. Nor is leadership about some position or place in an organization or community. Our 21st Century world faces unrelenting changes in technology, marketplaces, organizational alliances, mergers, and partnerships. In the increasing global competitiveness leadership must be everyone’s business.  It is therefore the people in any organisation that are the most important and expensive resource of its capability, and subsequent responsible for the success or failure. Also there are clear business and ethical reasons for developing and motivating people to get the best out of them – both the individual and organisation benefit. The economic wilderness is littered with leaders and organisations that lost their way and failed to develop employee potential. The final insult is that these employees who were deemed not worthy of investment are now the key workers of companies who saw and developed their potential. The skill required to draw the best out of people, to achieve a common purpose, is leadership. Most people have the leadership potential that training, practice and experience can unlock and develop. They can learn attitudes, skills, and knowledge associated with good ‘best practice’.

Successive surveys indicate that many people are de-motivated by their jobs and poor management; subsequently they do the minimum work necessary to get by. The old management experience of just command and control has been found to foster this demotivation. These traditional transactional leaders, such as those identified in contingency theories, guide followers in the direction by directing role and task requirements. However, transformational leaders, who are charismatic and visionary, can inspire followers to transcend their own self‐interest for the good of their organizations. Transformational leaders appeal to followers’ ideals and values and inspire them to think about problems in new or different ways. These leaders influence followers through vision, empowerment and purpose.

Vision is the ability of the leader to bind people together with an idea. A transformational leader instils feelings of confidence, admiration, and commitment in his or her followers. This type of leader is charismatic, creating a special bond with followers and articulating a vision with which his or her followers identify and for which these followers are willing to work. Each follower is coached, advised, and empowered with some authority. The transformational leader stimulates followers to think for themselves, arousing them to develop new ways to tackle problems.

Research indicates that transformational, as compared to transactional, leadership is more strongly correlated with lower turnover rates, higher productivity, and higher employee satisfaction. Transformational leaders are relevant to today’s workplace because they are flexible and innovative. Although it is important to have leaders with the appropriate orientation defining tasks and managing interrelationships, it is even more important to have leaders who can bring organizations into futures they have not yet imagined. Transformational leadership is the essence of creating and sustaining competitive advantage. Today’s business world is highly competitive. The way for an organization to survive is by reshaping to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. Resistance to change is a dead‐end street for employees and for the organization. Leaders need to emphasize action to make the change as quickly and smoothly as possible. It is simply the case that today’s employee requires more from just being told what to do, they want to be inspired, given autonomy to deliver and encouraged by involvement and participation in achieving corporate strategy, mission and vision. If you wish your organisation succeed and sustain momentum, you are going to need people who can achieve the leadership challenge to inspire, enable and encourage.

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