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The Essential Course for All HR Administrators, HR Officers and HR Business Partners

July 30, 2018 Mr. Tony Buon, Senior AZTech Consultant

Human Resource Management (HRM) has its origin in the closing years of the nineteenth century when some employers assumed a moral responsibility for the welfare of the people they employed. In some companies, this took the form of hiring welfare workers to improve the well-being and working conditions of employees. In others, line managers had these responsibilities added to their supervisory brief.

This early welfare function evolved into the personnel function through the application of scientific management and the applied social sciences. By the 1930s it was common for large manufacturing companies to have a Labour or Employment Office managing the processes of employing and, sometimes, organising the training of people.

The function came to maturity in the 1950s and 1960s, and this is when the term ‘personnel management’ gained currency. By the 1980s, most medium to large organisations had some type of personnel department.  In the 1990s, the prestige of the Personnel Department grew. The concept of ‘human resource management’ became a popular new label, and new ‘strategic’ functions were added to the area.  HR Managers today may even have a senior role in strategic planning, as well as audit and control functions.

Today, most organisations of any reasonable size will have a specialist HR Department. HR Administrators are likely to be involved in many areas. Including recruitment and selection activities, reward administration, managing HR databases and other transactional activities. These functions are vital to the HR Department and the entire organisation.

The role of HR administrators is both challenging and changing. It is vital that HR Administrators and HR Generalists receive proper training.

This should include areas such as

  • The role of HR administration in the modern global organisation
  • Strategic HRM and how it interacts with HR administration
  • Measuring and reducing absenteeism
  • Essential steps in employee record security and confidentiality
  • Bringing creativity to the HR Administration role

Our course: Certificate in HR Administration: The Essential Course for All HR Administrators, HR Officers and HR Business Partners is a modern and practical course suitable for all HR Administrators and those new to the HR Function.

Participants will learn about the processes involved, the systems used and the skills needed to be successful in a modern HR Department. They will leave with insight, knowledge and skills to manage potentially sensitive issues and situations with diplomacy, discretion and confidence. They will explore activities ranging from the recruitment interview to an exit meeting, discovering the skills required and the role of the HR Administrator in a modern organisation.

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