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Why is Risk Assessment and Risk Management Important for Oil & Gas Projects

March 1, 2018 AZTech Training

Do you really understand the importance risk in project management?

Professionals attended a new course from training leaders AZTech in Dubai recently learned that due to the increased pressure to deliver projects on time, within budget and with the agreed components, the need to identify, manage and control the project-based risks becomes central to success. Project Managers need to use tried and accepted techniques for managing identified risks and have access to practical strategies for dealing with issues as they emerge. Additionally, being exposed to success and failure stories of project management act as a key learning approach to appreciate the concept of learning from both worst and best practice.

Project managers professionals who attended this highly informative and interactive course in Dubai were totally focused on learning best practice methods that delivers superior operational results for their organizations. Among the topics offered are:

  • Pro’s and con’s of risk management
  • Risk Management at various levels of an organization
  • Business Risks vs Technical Risks vs Implementation Risks
  • Proactive Risk Management Process
  • The Risk Register
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Risk Response Planning
  • Calculating Risk Management Budget
  • Monitoring & Reviewing
  • Risk Evaluation

Illustrations of risk management from the real world was provided and delegates were encouraged to contribute examples and illustrations from their own experiences.

Appropriately, the course finished with a proven method to use practical steps and processes to manage project risk, identify threats & opportunities & weigh their relative value in a project, and evaluate risk assessment & risk management during the project closure phase of the project.

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