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Reframing… A Powerful Way to Expanding Mind and Achieving Flexibility

May 30, 2016 By Winston Chew, Senior AZTech Consultant

Reframing… A Powerful Way to Expanding Mind and Achieving Flexibility“Reframing is a way of viewing and experiencing events, ideas, concepts and emotions to find more positive alternatives” (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). In another word, reframing is a way by which we can employ to improve working ideas and relationship. Reframing is also a very powerful creative process leading to new solutions.

Our ability to reframe any challenging situation is crucial to our success in problem solving and crisis management.  Such ability entails a positive attitude and mindset that constantly seek to comprehend and view situation from various angles, explore various alternatives. Reframing inherently adopts optimistic disposition with a wider perspective, constantly steer clear of narrow framing which could lead to the trap of a tunnel vision  

Our ability to reframe is often limited by and confined to our own frame of mind; our emotional imagination. Such limitations may be caused by our upbringing, environment, training and choices we made. When we reframe we seek to make better sense out of the situation, and our ability to make sense of the situation depend on our perception – how we interpret the information and events our senses received from the external world. Our past experience and exposure play a significant bearing on how we perceive events. In order to make sense of a given situation, we constantly need to find meaning and new definition of our encounter.

Our ability to attribute new meaning to the situation hinges on our keenness to look for new data or info within the same experience.  These new data are often hidden from our initial perception due to our selective attention, personal biases, emotional blind-spots or preconceived ideas. In order to overcome the pitfalls of biases or get trapped within narrow frames, there is a need to re-examine the available data, revisit our interpretation, identify and remove our emotional blind-spots and reconsider options and possibilities.

There is a need to cultivate new attitude, learn to be more open minded, and be more solution-focused by constantly challenging self-imposed restriction. This would mean asking the right questions, seeking for solutions instead of prioritizing on the blaming game. If we go about wanting to solve the problem, the solution could possibly be nearby. If all that we focus on what the problem itself, we would usually get nowhere.

We can only bring to the table what we can make out of our resources and remade out of it.  Our resources within must be fully exhausted till we reach the saturation point. Our best effort constitutes our maximum input and contribution to the team. 
We can further expand our contribution to the team by expanding our resources by building our capacity.  Personal capacity building and growth must be intentional and purposeful.

Learning to reframe is a powerful way to expand our mind and achieve desirable results. The more we engage in reframing a given situation the more we expand the definition and meaning of that situation. Ultimately, the art of reframing is an essential power tool for anyone who desires to become an agile leader in the 21st century.

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