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Eight Ways to Evaluate your HR Function

August 27, 2017  By Tony Buon, Senior AZTech Consultant

HR is under scrutiny to manage costs better, demonstrate its effectiveness and show how its contributions add value to the organization. Many HR departments claim they are a ‘business partner,’ but few can provide evidence that they are having a strategic business impact or are even seen as a valid partner by managers. It is… Read More

Understanding Business Processes

August 20, 2017  By Mr. Geoff Llewellyn, Senior AZTech Consultant

Working in a new paradigm A “way of seeing things” is also a way of not seeing other things and the business process perspective on organisations emerged in the 20th Century as earlier perspectives on business were found wanting in various ways. The earliest management writers and theorists focused on defining the role of the… Read More

Managing the GIFT of feedback; a tool for organisational transformation

August 6, 2017  By Dr. Rod Linter, Senior AZTech Consultant

Ask any athlete, without feedback there is no rationale for improvement. Knowledge of results is a spur that pushes top athletes to great achievement, if only to offer guidance on what needs to change in the future to stimulate better performance. Feedback is the precursor to improvement; it looks at past performance and generates coaching… Read More

The Management Trends: The Right Management Style

July 23, 2017  By Dr. Rod Linter, Senior AZTech Consultant

Know your Management Style Now! Ever wondered how you perform as a manager or supervisor? Have you tried assessing yourself and determining what have been your practices, behavior or characteristics that either enable or hinder you from doing your responsibilities smoothly?  Have you asked the people around you how they see you? In the growing… Read More

A Reflection: Do we need Leaders or Managers?

July 16, 2017  By Ms. Lydia Hirst, Senior Consultant to AZTech

A Leader vs. Manager Discourse It is easy to spend some time discussing the difference between managers and leaders, my delegates usually have very strong opinions. They are not the only ones! This topic has provoked a lot of debate amongst academics and consultants and many books have been written on the subject… Here is… Read More

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