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The Total Leader: Effective Skills for Successful Management

August 7, 2018  Mr. John Smart, Senior AZTech Consultant

Last week saw the conclusion of the highly successful course ‘‘The Total Leader: Effective Skills for Successful Management’’, conducted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  This highly engaging, thought provoking course gave deep insights in to leadership for the modern workplace. Leadership involves a multitude of disciplines, strategies, skills, behaviours, combined with insight and experience.  Most of… Read More

Effective Organisational Leadership: The Key to Succeeding & Growing in a Dynamic & Competitive Environment

August 2, 2018  By Mrs. Lydia Hirst, Senior AZTech Consultant

In Dubai this week, Lydia Hirst delivered an enjoyable and informative course to further develop the leadership skills of Operational Managers. Building on the concept of Action Logics, the way leaders perceive the world, we explored the leadership styles need at strategic, operational and tactical levels. Comparing tactical managers to the Olympic Gold medal winners… Read More

The Essential Course for All HR Administrators, HR Officers and HR Business Partners

July 30, 2018  Mr. Tony Buon, Senior AZTech Consultant

Human Resource Management (HRM) has its origin in the closing years of the nineteenth century when some employers assumed a moral responsibility for the welfare of the people they employed. In some companies, this took the form of hiring welfare workers to improve the well-being and working conditions of employees. In others, line managers had… Read More

What are different types of Renewable Energy and how do we integrate them into our grid today?

July 24, 2018  By Mr. Mohamed Patail, Senior AZTech Consultant

This week, AZTech offers a new course entitled ‘Renewable Energy Integration’ which focusses on the merits of renewable energy and the reduction of carbon footprint verses the conventional fossil fuels. Renewable energy are free mainly solar, wind and water. Today many initiatives has made inroads into the generation of electricity by PV (photo voltaic) cells… Read More

The Management Transition
Becoming the Boss, You Want to Be

July 15, 2018  By Mrs. Lydia Hirst, Senior AZTech Consultant

In our course “The Management Transition” you will learn about management and how you can become ‘The boss you want to be’. If you are new to a management role or have recently been promoted and want to learn more the opportunity you have been given to manage others, this is the course for you.… Read More

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