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Leading with Ethics

Managing People for Peak Performance

February 25, 2018  By Dr. Rod Linter, Senior AZTech Consultant

“Professional Dialogues that Challenge and Reframe” or  “Perceptions on the Role of the Manager” Professionals from varied industries and numerous locations attended a Complete Management Courses, in sunny Barcelona; sponsored by AZTech Training & Consultancy.  It was fitting that as we were ever increasingly immersed in global activity and diversity that we should see so… Read More

What Does Best-Practice Product Management Look Like?

November 26, 2017  By Cole Hanrahan, Senior AZTech Consultant

Most product managers spend time ‘fire-fighting’. They get drawn into so many issues that divert them from what a product manager should really be doing. So what is best-practice product management in business to business (B2B) companies? What does it look like? From my experience of consulting with B2B companies globally, across a range of… Read More

Certificate in HR Administration

November 15, 2017  By Tony Buon, Senior AZTech Consultant

Human Resource Management (HRM) has its origin in the closing years of the nineteenth century when some employers assumed a moral responsibility for the welfare of the people they employed. In some companies, this took the form of hiring welfare workers to improve the well-being and working conditions of employees. In others, line managers had… Read More

AZTech repeats successful Chemical Spills, Safety Precautions and Response Actions course

November 7, 2017  

Once again, this week, delegates from companies ranging from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia who handle chemicals of all types, have converged on the Fairmont, Dubai to improve their ability to prevent chemical spills and respond to mitigate any effects and consequences in the, now, less likely event that releases actually occur. Dave Annells, a massively experienced process engineer, chemical industry consultant and… Read More

Bold Women Take Projects to the Next Level

November 5, 2017  By Ms. Jacqui Aird-Paterson, Senior Consultant to AZTech

As a consummate project professional, and a woman, there have been challenges on my own personal journey.   As a member of Women in Project Management, I have been privileged to work with, and learn from, an amazing network of project professionals, both male and female.  People often see projects as a male domain, but that’s… Read More

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