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Do you want to become a Great Manager?

October 11, 2018  Mrs. Lydia Hirst, Senior AZTech Consultant

Managers from Ghana, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan attending a course on “The Management Essentials” here in London this week, are gaining new perspectives, skills and knowledge to enhance their managerial capabilities. As Henry Mintzberg, Professor at McGill University says, management hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years – management is something innate for… Read More

Impact of Change Management and Emotional Intelligence on Organisational Performance

October 2, 2018  © AZTech

“Research indicates that workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.” Zig Ziglar This training course “Effective Performance Management Systems“ provides an effective way of understanding some of the most important barriers to successful execution of organizational… Read More

How can HR professionals speak the language of the business?

September 27, 2018  Mr. Mohammed Al Azeh, Senior AZTech Consultant

It is a common held belief in many organizations that HR professionals are unrealistic and don’t really have in-depth and thorough knowledge of the business and its context. It is believed that they usually work in silos and are detached from the rest of the organization. Moreover, the HR profession is believed to be less… Read More

Public Private Partnerships Contract Management

September 19, 2018  Dr Paul Wright MCIPS, Senior AZTech Consultant

Government bodies around the world are increasingly looking to move away from traditional contracting with suppliers to Public Private Partnerships for large projects.  The aim is to draw in both finance and expertise from the private sector in order to achieve better outcomes and better value for money. The goals of PPPs are clear, but… Read More

The Complete Course in Purchasing Management

August 29, 2018  Dr Paul Wright MCIPS, Senior AZTech Consultant

Procurement is one of the key differentiators between successful and unsuccessful organisations around the world.  With good procurement value for money, superior Quality and fast action are possible.  Without good procurement the organisation is hobbled and working inefficiently and ineffectively. Earlier this month in London we offered a Complete Course in Purchasing Management, covering all… Read More

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