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Project Scheduling and Cost Planning Skills

May 13, 2018  By Mr. Andrew Rayner, Senior AZTech Consultant

This week in London, our delegates are from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Nigeria. They have come together from a variety of industrial backgrounds: from oil refineries, oil exploration, chemical and industrial polymer and electricity generation and distribution companies. All though these diverse industries have projects in their own right, they can all… Read More

The Role of Strategist

April 15, 2018  By Mrs. Lydia Hirst, Senior AZTech Consultant

Leader, Manager, Risk Mitigator and Negotiator Learn more about our course “Strategy, Risks, Negotiation and Leadership” – we cover all these topics and more! Strategists are responsible for setting corporate direction and bringing management & staff along the journey towards the desired ends. No one individual can take full responsibility.  So, defining the agreed endpoint… Read More

Why it is Important to Understand Big Data Concepts?

April 12, 2018  By Sasa Kocic, Senior AZTech Consultant

Industry and academia professionals attended a new course “ The Complete Course on Data Science and Big Data Analytics ” organised by training leader AZTech in Dubai last March to learn the concepts of Big Data analytics, use of R programming package and additional tools for harvesting and analysis of Big Data – and how… Read More

Key Communication Skills for Building Productive Working Relationship

April 1, 2018  By Mr. John Maiorino

Mastering Personal & Interpersonal Skills This program offers some of the most powerful communication skills ever developed for both staff member and higher levels of leadership in the modern world. Insights into how the brain develops new skills and how you can now control the energy needed for developing innovative services and new strategies are… Read More

Maximising the ROI of Training

March 15, 2018  By Dr. Pat Hartwell, Senior AZTech Consultant

Whenever we spend money as individuals we expect to receive some kind of ‘reward’ – it might be the pleasure of driving a new car, enjoying a great holiday, having a pleasant meal with friends.  Whatever the spend we expect a return.  Finance specialist in organisations are no different – they expect to see a… Read More

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