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Are you being stalked?

Are you being Stalked?

April 6, 2016  By Dr. Pat Hartwell

Just in case you didn’t know it, your employers are now collecting information about your phone calls, e-mails and performance.  It’s an interesting juxtaposition that just when we are all thinking that we are being given more autonomy and less micro-management, we are all under more surveillance than ever before both inside and outside work. … Read More

Management and Leadership Training in Dubai

December 16, 2015  

Training Courses & Seminars in Dubai AZTech as the leading training provider in Dubai will conduct over 50 Management and Leadership Training Courses & Seminars in Dubai this upcoming year. The training programs we have scheduled in Dubai will be combination of Essential Skills and Advanced courses that will develop the skills and competencies needed… Read More

Training Courses and Seminars in Dubai

December 15, 2015  

Dubai Courses and Seminars 2016 AZTech Training will deliver over 130 Training Courses and Seminars in Dubai this 2016. It will feature a full range of training programs that covers all industries and will benefit professionals at all levels in any industry or organisation. As the leading training provider in Dubai, we will conduct courses in… Read More

How to Run an Effective Meeting

March 1, 2015  

Running a Team Meeting Preparation In any organisation, “meetings” are a vital part of the organisation of work and the flow of information. They act as a mechanism for gathering together resources from many sources and pooling then towards a common objective. They are disliked and mocked because they are usually futile, boring, time-wasting, dull,… Read More

What Motivates Others and How to Motivate

February 25, 2015  

What Motivates Me & What Motivates Others? To motivate your Staff, you need to create a climate of self-motivation, that encourages personal development and growth. If you have hired the right people, they won’t be hard to motivate. A team of pro-active, motivated, self-starters, puts you right out front, to achieve your goals and financial… Read More

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