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Leading with Ethics

Leading with Ethics and Compliance

February 26, 2017  By Rodger H. Pyrah, Senior AZTech Consultant

Over the last few decades we have witnessed many examples of unethical behaviour and this has brought their world into disrepute. Jeff Skilling created an environment at Enron in which unethical behaviour could flourish, based on his understanding of Darwinian evolution and the principle of “survival of the fittest.” Leaders are responsible for creating the… Read More

Is a Contract Essential?

February 16, 2017  © AZTech

What is a contract and why are they necessary? Why not simply shake hands to confirm a ‘deal’? Such action can be sufficient; yet what if the other party does not have the same recollection or understanding as you of the terms of the deal?  What happens then, what can you do? Contracts are effectively… Read More

Mistake Proofing

February 14, 2017  By Tony Buon, Senior AZTech Consultant

A Contractor was required to submit a report each two-weeks to a major Client during the probationary period of their contract.  An analysis of their process found that 63% of data entry errors were due to three mistakes that could be Poka Yoked by simply redesigning the form used for data entry.  Poka Yoke is… Read More

The Power of Happiness

July 4, 2016  By Gerald H. Bradley

If you were selecting one person out of two (either for a business position, or as a personal friend), one was bright, positive, smiley and happy, and the other, negative, grumpy depressed and unhappy, which one would you choose?  99% of you would choose the positive, happy person!  Why?   Because that person is affecting your… Read More

Plan To Succeed

June 20, 2016  By Tony Davies, Senior AZTech Consultant

  “Join the dots between Relevant Information, Strategy and Value-added Decision-making” It is vitally important for organisations to develop the ability to sift through ‘big data’ and identify key financial areas of focus for integrated and effective planning, budgeting, and decision-making to ensure not just their economic survival but to create the basis for future… Read More

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