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Do you want to become a Great Manager?

October 11, 2018 Mrs. Lydia Hirst, Senior AZTech Consultant

Managers from Ghana, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan attending a course on “The Management Essentials” here in London this week, are gaining new perspectives, skills and knowledge to enhance their managerial capabilities.

As Henry Mintzberg, Professor at McGill University says, management hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years – management is something innate for human beings. The ideas are simple, it is the practice which is so challenging. As my delegates have said “management is both an art and a science: managing people is an art, managing processes is a science”.

Among the topics on offer are:

  • Enhancing self-awareness to improve management practice
  • Using the right communication channel for the right message
  • Handling ‘the dreaded appraisal’ for everyone’s benefit
  • Adapting your style to meet individual employee’s needs
  • How to build a high performing team
  • Managing diverse groups
  • Inspiring and motivating the team
  • Setting targets and objectives to challenge, motivate and develop staff
  • Becoming an effective delegator

The course “The Management Essentials” introduces theory and links it to practical exercises, to ensure delegates have experiences which will be remembered when they return to their day-jobs. By sharing insights, participating actively in discussions and taking part in activities, delegates are enjoying the stimulation and challenge of learning how to become more effective managers.

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